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How do you equip your HQ Command Squad?
Old 27 Apr 2008, 13:18   #1 (permalink)
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Default How do you equip your HQ Command Squad?

Being new to IG I'm not all that sure on what works and what doesn't in a HQ command squad.
So I'd like to see what you guys use,so maybe i can pick up some ideas.

So what do you put in your HQ Command squad?
And do you take Advisers and/or support units?

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Default Re: How do you equip your HQ Command Squad?

Junior Officer
- Honorifica Imperialis
Guardsman with Vox-Master
Guardsman as Standard Bearer

Heroic Senior Officer
-Power Weapon
- Honorifica Imperialis
- Force Weapon
- Power Fist
- Eviserator

Junior Officer
- Bolter
4 x Guardsman with either Meltagun or Plasmagun (Depending on the situation)

Here's the basics. Hope this helps.
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Default Re: How do you equip your HQ Command Squad?

Dakka support - Typical fire support, pumps out alot of shots for it's size and is easy to bury in cover

Junior Officer
Heavy Bolter
2 grenade launchers

Grenade marauder - the only other way I ever use a grenade launcher in a guard army. Run around and take pot shots at rhinos, trucks, Dreadnaught back armour, sentinels (any light armour really)

Any officer type
4 guardsmen with grenade launchers
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Default Re: How do you equip your HQ Command Squad?

I agree with Zenai and Jordan but do not take a assault command squad unless your doctrines would make it fluffy, guard are humans no matter what you give them and a even the lowliest troop choice for a assault army could rip it to shreads, I prefer a mix of Shooty and Leadery ship, it goes like this

Rambo's balanced combo of death
Heroic Senior officer- carapace armor, storm bolter, plasma pistol, 4 guard, master vox, 3 plasma guns=140

Many people would recomend the medic instead of a 3rd plasma gun and it really just comes down to a players prefernece, my style is go for the 3rd plasma gun, they might die anyways so why not just drop the medic, it only prevents one wound and most fire power could rape a 5 man guard squad.

As for advisors, I sometimes will take a pysker for fun because there powers but for a COUNTER-assault unit I like this set up

HSO- carapace armor, bolt pistol, power fist, 3 grenade launchers, medic, commissar w/ carapace armor, bolt pistol, power fist= dont have codex on me but it is ruffly 165pts.

This unit is a counter assault unit ment to sit back and when a threat is near it can slow it down, I only find this set up good against MEQ's and I used them once, like I said, assault units suck but counter assault units are a bit better cause you dont go charging down the field, you choose your targets wisely and only charge when you absolutly have to, also don expect this setup to pwn because of all the power fist, there just humans put could still put down most MEQ units or just be a killy spead bump.

Welcome to the guard man, its a real fun army.
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Default Re: How do you equip your HQ Command Squad?

I find it useful to put a Storm Bolter on the officer of a grenade-launcher squad, that he can move and fire alongside them. Whether you include Carapace in such a small unit is ultimately up to you however.
Anyway, my wife plays Slaanesh so I HAVE to play Khorne-bebe
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Default Re: How do you equip your HQ Command Squad?

Well the 4+ save is pretty useful for my LD-shooty combo as your guy could survive longer if he has a save, plus its only 1 point more then a conscript.
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Default Re: How do you equip your HQ Command Squad?

Heres my command squad. It's only 170Pts

HSO w/ power weapon + las pistol+carapace armor
Commissar w/power weapon + las pistol+ carapace armor
guardsman w/master vox, cc weapon + las pistol
3 guardsmen w/ cc weapons + las pistols

whole squad gets hardened fighters

I'm just a little insane because I like to get into close combat, and this squad does well. I hide it somewhere until the enemy gets close and then unleash them.
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Default Re: How do you equip your HQ Command Squad?

Cheap and cheerful - but functional - is the best way to go in my book.

As such my standard HQ for 1000pts+ is simply this,

Junior Officer inc. Iron Discipline
Command Section inc. Veteran with Company Standard, Autocannon

The squad comes in at just over 70pts, it gives you slightly improved leadership importantly with the benefits of Iron Discipline for when your units are below half strength. That seemingly low leadership combined with a reroll is normally fine, no need for Ld9 or 10.

Meanwhile the Autocannon gives the unit as useful auxilary roll in dealing with light-medium vehicles without becomming expensive OR wasting lots of other firepower.

Now sure it lacks any sort of combat punch, but by my take on it thats fine. To make a Guard Command Squad capable your looking at upgrading it with at least a HSO and Commissar (or Priest) with Power Weapons thats a minimum of doubling the cost of the unit for four extra wounds and mere S3 Power Weapons, ideally your still gonna want to spend more for at least one Powerfist to make it capable of really dealing with MEQs and the like.

For the cot of that upgrade you can field at least one Roughrider Squadron with Hunting Lances, thats more wounds, more bodies, S5 Power Weapons which against most MEQs will strike first rather then last or at the same time. Better still the unit is fast, you can use it to effectively cover a large portion of your line thanks to its potential 24" charge range - double that of a Command Section. And to boot it means your not risking your command section, and it's valuable leadership.

Wanna upgrade your HQ even more, two Advisors, maybe Veterans? Nah, more Roughriders or better yet a second squadron.

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Default Re: How do you equip your HQ Command Squad?

I keep it simple- J.O., Heavy Bolter. If I', running drop troops, then I'll load them up with Plasma and a medic. Otherwise, better to keep it cheap.
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Default Re: How do you equip your HQ Command Squad?

Here's my HQ Comand Squad, which is set up badly, and I need to purchase models to change it around.

Heroic Senior Officer
-Bolt Pistol
-Power Weapon
-Refractor Field
Master Vox
Guardsmen x2
-Grenade Launcher

To be honest, this was just me in my youth taking advantage of the the Grenade Launchers in the Shock Troopers box.

My Platoon command Squad however, is much more functional:

Junior Officer
Lasgun x2


Usually, close combat oriented Command Squads fail miserably as it's either too difficult or too expensive to keep then alive. By alive, I mean armoured enough to survive a round of close combat.

Your best bet is to stick to what Col.Gravis said. Cheap and functional. Make sure you have a method to spread leadership around, then just make sure you don't splurge on upgrades.

Welcome to the Imperial Guard, (like Rambo said) I'm sure you'll enjoy it here.
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