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Getting to the 1000 point mark
Old 10 Apr 2008, 17:49   #1 (permalink)
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Default Getting to the 1000 point mark

I have
46 Infantry men
3 Heavy Weapons
1 Leman Russ (battlecannon, Lazcannon)
and I could if needs be convert 5 Rough Riders

What should I buy with around 60 buck to get 1000 points

also I was wondering if Sharpshooters is worth the point cost and if Vox casters are worth it aswell

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Default Re: Getting to the 1000 point mark

Get more Guardsmen on the table and heavy weapons. They're the main strength of the Imperial Guard.
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Default Re: Getting to the 1000 point mark

Probably commanders or convert them. More Guardsmen. (I know I'm biased on this one) TANKS!

And I believe voxes are worth it for leadership. The effectiveness of sharpshooters, however, is one of the great IG debates.

-By Timjim
Originally Posted by Lord-General Thunder
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Default Re: Getting to the 1000 point mark

I would say that you would need a good twenty two more men, an even 70.
Then I would say two more Russes or a Russ and a Basilisk.
After all tanks are the backbone of the Imperial Guard ;D
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Default Re: Getting to the 1000 point mark

don't bother with sharpshooters, it's mathmaticly half that of the cost not factoring in the reductions in numbers.

get carapace, it makes the men lot more durable against bolters and pulse rifles by half and increases the effectivness against other weapons as well.

a lot of people say don't get carapace beacause it is only a 1/6 increase in defence for a 2/6 increase in cost and also reduces the amount of guns. using carapace has alowed me to shrug of flamer and bolter fire almost like power armour, and you have a lot more wounds than a marine army.

I also think voxes are a good idea beacause they allow your HSO to stay behind the lines and your infantry to spread away out and use cover while still getting leadership 9

Originally Posted by Colonel Zen Ai
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Default Re: Getting to the 1000 point mark

the only effective employment of sharpshooters in my experience is giving it to heavy weapons squads. That slightly higher chance of hitting helps with lascannons.

What I would do in your case is buy a couple of chimeras and another box of infantry to give some more mobility to your two infantry platoons.
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Old 14 Apr 2008, 11:31   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Getting to the 1000 point mark

a chimera fo some speed (although i prefer drop trops), and a command squad and voxes. i hide my command group behind something with a mortar, that way my constant ld9 stays safe whilst still capable of doing something.
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Default Re: Getting to the 1000 point mark

Basilisk or Leman Russ Demolisher, you should get to the "holy trinity" of LR, LR Demo, and basilisk.

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