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Pintle Weapons
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Pintle Weapons

Hey everyone, if I am using a Leman Russ and include a Pintle Stubber from the Vehicle Upgrades list, does this cause the vehicle to be considered "open topped"? I only ask because the description for a chimera says that a gun can be fired from the top hatch but the vehicle is then considered Open topped... do the same rules apply for a Leman Russ or what? Thanks
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Default Re: Pintle Weapons

No it does not, it basicly is just a weapon fired by a crew man popping his head out of the hatch and firing the weapon.
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Default Re: Pintle Weapons

They actually do not even have to open the hatch. It can be remote controlled.

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Default Re: Pintle Weapons

As has been mentioned by others it doesn't make your russ open topped. That said I really wouldn't bother putting it on a russ unless your running a LR Exterminator, as you generally wont get chance to fire it.
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Default Re: Pintle Weapons

they also count as AA weapons doesnt relaly help cause even if its 4's to hit, its 6's to glance, but a leman russ with 3 heavy bolters and a pintle stubber has a decent chance against most armour 10 flyers.
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