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New IG Codex
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Default New IG Codex

I have long been considering my next army, and Imperial Guard is something I am considering, but when I look at the codex, it appears to be quite old in comparison to some of the others. I was wondering if anyone knows if a new Imperial Guard Codex is on the horizon? Also, the Daemonhunters and Witchhunters Codexes also look like they are kind of old, and if I did an Imperial Guard Army I would most definately want to get some allied Grey Knights or an Inquisitor. Anyone know about new codexes for either of those qroups?
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Default Re: New IG Codex

It has been said that all those codex's will be redone in the future (with rumours of an Inquisition codex isntead of the seperate strands). No one knows when, sometime after 5th ed.

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Default Re: New IG Codex

yes possible remake with the release of 5th edition

this is a bad thing though as they might plan to nerf the platoon system...
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Default Re: New IG Codex

I've been wanting to get my hands on a number of Codexes, particularly IG and SM, because I started with Orks and then went Tau and recently Eldar and just a week ago picked up Nids - I have literally no freaking idea about how any Imperium armies work. Not a damn clue. This seems like an oversight on my part. (I also want Dark Eldar Codex, damnit!)

I need to order it online, though, because the local gaming stores certainly don't carry any of them except Inquisition and SM (nilla). I think I saw a Spiky Beakie Codex at one store, but it's far from here. I went there once to get Nids codex and evaluate their model stock: they have lots more models but they are heavy Imperium/Chaos (ie. Hoo-manz) and I don't actually want to COLLECT them, I just want to UNDERSTAND them. My local store (yay Pandæmonium Books!) has the Xenos Scum Armies I love out the wazoo thanks to the 'Arvard 'Ard Boyz.

So if IG isn't in the near future for a remake, I'll order it and a few others online. Should I try to get it from a local game store, or will that be agonisingly slow? I like to throw business at games stores to ensure their survival (they teeter on going out of business thanks to Boston being unbearably expensive) but part of the joy of Toys is to have them in-hand. I might break down and Amazon them... IG, Beakies, Spiky Panzees... and some boxed bonus gear.

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Default Re: New IG Codex

What don't you understand about them? I find them the easiest to understand...

Oh, and I also agree that the IG codex is in need of a remake.. Take the flashlights and turn them at least into laser pointers, please. :P
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Default Re: New IG Codex

GW should fix the Guess Range rule so Mortars will actually be useful. And make Orgyns a better CC unit.
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Default Re: New IG Codex

Personally I'm looking forward to a new IG codex.

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Default Re: New IG Codex

Indeed, the IG codex could use a little update - it'll probably coincide with the release of trenchcoat plastic IG when it does happen. As for rules, I think they could add a few more doctrines, perhaps including the Abhuman doctrines from the old Chapter Approved article, and for goodness sake UPDATE THE XENOS FIGHTERS!!! There's no good reason for not including Tau, Kroot Mercs etc other than the fact that Tau didn't even exist when the Codex was brought out, and it would fit the fluff of my army perfectly.
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Default Re: New IG Codex

The guess range rule is fixed. You just put 'em down.

From what I've heard, we'll be getting the 1st 5th edition dex.
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Default Re: New IG Codex

I thought the IG codex will be coming after the others?
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