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Going to start a death guard army soon. Was wondering about IG tactics
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Default Going to start a death guard army soon. Was wondering about IG tactics

I have been wanting to start a new army and after building chaos and almost done with nids I wanted to play a shootie army next and well what better choise then the IG! plus after seeing those Death guard of Krieg models I was sold. Along with that armagedon basalisk from forge world. Anyways I was wondering what the ussual tactics are for IG. Every army has a few diffrent ways to go about things like nids with there swarm armies and nidzilla armys. I was wondering what the diffrent ways IG goes about things.
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Default Re: Going to start a death guard army soon. Was wondering about IG tactics

Well, there is Mechanized, Tank Heavy, Infantry heavy, balanced, and swarm, and Drop Troops. Each one is different and I dont really have time to make a detailed post right now.

Read these topics: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=57318.0 and http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=23092.0

To get started, oh, and for the record, its the Death Korp not Death Guard of Krieg
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Default Re: Going to start a death guard army soon. Was wondering about IG tactics

yeah I thought you had posted in the wrong forum for a second :P

anyway Death Korps are a seige regiment. They have the doctrines for them in the IG codex but if you get IA5(I think its five) they have their own army list in that book. and more heavy artillery than even a normal guard army (I beleave that they can use heavy artillery as Elites as well as Heavy support(possibly fast attack as well. I don't really know but I'm going to get the book once I get the money)
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"Get a codex. Read it. Read it again."
-Better advise has never been spoken. It answers most rules questions we are forced to answer.
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