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How to beat Eldar?
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Default Re: How to beat Eldar?

Mongoose, do we get hit by flamers?

Nope. not at all. But I have to make them a priority target before they can hit. For a tiny points upgrade you can turn a Guard squad into a priority target and force my Eldar to react to it by either avoiding it and letting the Guard control where they want me to go on the board, or by having to waste shots I would otherwise use on juicier targets because I'm having to chew through meat to get to the flamer.

Indirect fire weapons do the same thing to my head.
They force me to respond and advance on them. They Deny my usual dodgey cover and line of sight exploitation which I think is a common way that Eldar are played.
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Default Re: How to beat Eldar?

Originally Posted by warriorchris
Well, this will sound a bit obvious and noobish but i will still say it.

Eldar rely on manouverability their armoour is weak and they crumble under pressure. The kind of pressure you want is a hell hound or two. keep them close to your fire base and get them to blast gouts of flame down the feild into any squad that dares pack close. this will deter him from allowing you to have a strong flank and push you back, it is also a nice surprise when those scorpions oke their heads out into an inferno cannon. but primarily i find that when going against them. these steps work best.

1- Knock out any transport tanks and fast vehicles, these can be a pain.
2- take the easy squads. take the simple dire avengers squads out, they are weak enough, but don't let them get close, they are deadly within 18".
3- pester his flanks and keep them on their toes, the one thing an eldar player hates is having manouverability used against him.
4- Flame units work wonders as i have said above.
5- Always Take First Turn. this will allow you to get a hard start on their pesky tanks and vehicles.

So long as you remember these steps, you should do alright.
hope i helped.
Addendum to this: don't waste your time shooting at holo-field equipped falcons. You won't kill them, or stop them from being scoring. In stead, worry about whatever they carry inside of them, and kill the rest of the army.
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Default Re: How to beat Eldar?

I dont think any of us EVER take a falcon without a holofield, and they always move over 6'' if the player isn't completely stupid. shooting it will just shake it even with a bunch of lascannons your chances are so minimal you are better off pointing them at wave serpents. To tell you the truth if I had to play against my Eldar I wouldn't bother with lascannons or missiles at all and just get more shot, 'light' heavy weapons like the bolter and a-cannon. The falcon has a mean gun on its turret that pulse laser that comes standard is no joke, but as long as you can get a glance on its fairly weak armor you can just keep it shaken and spend your shooting on expensive and fragile infantry and lighter vehicles that are easier to kill. Like I said, it's not the armor that makes them tough, its the combination effects of the spirit stone, holofield, and vectors. Better off just shake it so it can't fire its pulse and turning the rest of your attention elsewhere. Every time I have played one it has soaked up so much fire and I think had a 'weapon destroyed' result occasionally as a result (and a frustrated enemy throwing tantrums).
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