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Thinking of Guard
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Default Thinking of Guard

So I dug up my friends Imperial Guard codex that has been in my possession for 2-3 years now, and I'm liking the images in my head I more or less want to start a SIGAFH, and I'll probably throw in some assault units in the form of Grey Knights, but thats for another day. As well, I plan on having a good amount of armour in there so to lower the model count a little bit as well as provide some nice Ordinance.

I come from playing Space Marines (loyalists and chaos) so I am more accustomed to the specialised elite units, and to be quite frank, I am completley clueless as to how things work for the Imperial Guard :-\. I'm just unsure of the units and there capabilities. If any one can help me I'd be more then appreciative.

EDIT I plan on bringing the list up to around 3500, maybe 4000 pts when all is said and done.
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Default Re: Thinking of Guard

You might want to check the stickies, they give you some nice tactica on all the diffrent guard armies there are.
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Default Re: Thinking of Guard

Yeah, read the stickies, they're there for a reason. :P

You're greatest advantage will be the amount of heavy weapons you can fit. As a rule of thumb, every infantry squad should have a heavy weapon. Plain ole' guardsmen should be used as "extra wounds" for your heavy weapons, and to absorb any blows (if possible) that might be aimed at your tanks.

I know it's not actually possible to take damage for a tank, but metaphorically speaking, do everything possible to keep the heavy guns firing.

Welcome to the guard, conscript.

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