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Regiment idea: The Carapace Phalanx
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Default Regiment idea: The Carapace Phalanx

I'm really angry with Games Workshop. With the new Chaos Codex, my Lost and Damned army is useless. USELESS I TELL YOU! HOW am I going to field my Empire Swordsmen as mutant proxies now, huh? What about my Forestry-mech converted into Defiler? My Wizard Sorcerers? Gahh...

meh, so now I'm trying to create an army that lets me use my assorted fantasy warriors in a fighting form. So far, I only have doctrine ideas:

Carapace Armor: A good bulk of the forces use high-end platemail and shields and other protective gear.
Close-Order Drill: Trained in shield-wall combat.
Hardened Fighters: Sword training.
Priest: To inspire them to VICTORY!
Iron Discipline: Always a good one.

And from there, idk...for the elites, I'm thinking of filling in with some Grey Knight terminators proxied to represent Inner Circle Foot Knights...

Any ideas?
Anyway, my wife plays Slaanesh so I HAVE to play Khorne-bebe
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Default Re: Regiment idea: The Carapace Phalanx

I don't actually own the current Guard Codex, but isn't there a doctrine called warrior weapons or something like that? If I'm remember correctly, then doesn't it allow you to take a pistol and CCW in exchange for your lasgun? I mean, they are swordsmen. (Assuming it exists) That might be a good doctrine to think about, maybe taking out Iron Discipline for it?

Oh, and it's a pretty cool idea. I'd like to play against it.

-Grandpa Ducky

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Default Re: Regiment idea: The Carapace Phalanx

Warrior Weapons really really sucks though since it makes your units cost an extra +2 points/model in exchange for losing the lasgun for a laspistol. Iron Discipline was meant to represent their extraordinary training under really charismatic officers and whatnot.

Image-wise, I see them as armed with tower-shields and lasguns alongside their swords/halberds/whatnot. Additionally, they'd have some Sister of Battle allies to represent their particularly well-trained soldiers that could mimic the Close Order Drill effects without having to bunch-up (i.e. Celestians and Seraphim, since they're both I4, Ld 8 anyway). It would be more fluffy for the proxy, even if something like Arco-flagellants is more deadly in general...
Anyway, my wife plays Slaanesh so I HAVE to play Khorne-bebe
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