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Starting guard, could use some Pro info on the ideas I have
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Default Starting guard, could use some Pro info on the ideas I have

ok Im going to be starting guard vary soon (in about a week) and I already have the codex in hand and have been looking over it for the past two weeks thinking about what army I would like to build. So far I have come up with that I would like a Light infantry doctrine army with alot of light vech support, such as sentinels and chimera with maybe a leman russ in the higher point games.

the basic idea is built around infiltrating infantry with sniper support and the use of mortars, to pound the enemy with indirect fire. The idea is they are regiment designed for mountaineering thus the mortars and walkers... any ideas on how I should go about this and if able some basic tactics I should be looking to build for?
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Default Re: Starting guard, could use some Pro info on the ideas I have

Its a nice idea fluffwise, but it won't perform well on the table. Sniper rifles are terrible weapons in the hands of infantry squads, who are far better served carrying special weapons or auto/lascannons. If you're going to use mortars take them in mortar support squads. The barrage rules makes them far more effective like this. I wouldn't really take sniper rifles at all, aside from the occasional ratling squad if I know I'll be fighting one of the few things they excel at taking down.
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Default Re: Starting guard, could use some Pro info on the ideas I have

I build an army based on Light Infantry, added of course Solar Macharius > to have always the first turn.

It can be a deadly army if you chose right the deployment zone of your enemy, less cover as possible, my list have only 2 russes :'( but lots of fire and 5 sentinels 2 as par of the HQ and 3 as fast attack all separate options so they can separate and be more of a pain, jeje. a Dark Eldar army with 18 Dark Lances and 4 whiches on Portals could not win after 3 battles they lost every time i blow up his raiders and kill 1 of his portals and the other one just to far away to be a danger, other armies found dificult to fight against an all infiltrator army.

Plus what Jordan said is true, snipers will be terrible on infantry squads i only used 1 unit of 10 ratlings in very good heavy cover to have that 2+ cover save > i add camelioline of course the idea is great is a great army i can say I used and I liked i get at 24" of my enemy and have the first turn always he gets decimated my heavy fire and fast units and dangerous treats like rhinos, razorbacks and other tanks pop up on the first turn.

The mortars are not that good I always prefer the direct approach doh ;D unless you will play agaisnt lots of infantry.

Doh the idea is great maybe add a list to see more our idea. ;D
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Default Re: Starting guard, could use some Pro info on the ideas I have

Im positive that ratlings cant take camoline.
As for the list i find mortars in large number fairly dangerous along with maybe a ratling squad. The are great for pinning the enemy so your infiltrators could move up on them and fire. You might want to try tallarn, i will PM you a nice list, just PM me if you want it.
Tallarn are light infantry experts and are known for there hard hitting sentinel squadrons, they also field quite a bit of armor because its too dangerous to move on foot on most 40k extreme desert enviorments.
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