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where to go from here?
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Default where to go from here?

well i already posted a list, but this may be easier to advance my army.....
I have the following models in catachans:

1 leman russ
1 melta gunner with base 1 with out
1 plasma gun
3-4 flamers
2 auto cannons
2 heavy bolters
1 mortar
3 missles
1 commissar
2 guys with bolt pistols and pwnr fists
5 or so guardsmen with comms
44 guardsmen
10 sword and pistolers
1 baneblade
the guy with a shot gun and plasma pistol
(are his rules even legal still?)

As far as im going army list wise im not to sure but its pretty much just 3 squads each with a different heavy weapon and special weapon.
My questions:
-will this be good to make a decent army?
-if i get anything new what should it be?
-would it be smart just to get a cadian box and count the guardsmen as glory boys?
-any ideas for an army list....?
-is jungle fighters any good?

thanks! ;D

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Default Re: where to go from here?

I have no experiance with jungle fighters.

What you have seems to be a good collection so far, but why do Catachans have tanks? Like... a baneblade? I don't know about that man.

If you wanted more 'armoured' people yeah, just normal cadians would do fine.

Hope I helped.
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