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Guard Regiment Idea, C&C greatly appreciated
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Default Guard Regiment Idea, C&C greatly appreciated

Well I've got a IG Company on the way which due to some comments on the New Codex discussion, will become a mechanized list. I have a drop troop list which I'll need to rewrite but it won't be a major overhaul so it should be pretty easy. With those two types in the making I decided the next Guard army will be along the lines of a SIGAFH list.

Note I'll be assembling a Guard army & a Marine army so this is for later & will be a long term project. The reason I'm listing it now is like some I like making the background for the army first.


The regiment will be a consolidation of several destroyed regiments. The way they came together is somewhat organic. During one crusade or another against an as yet undecided xeno foe some foolish commander ordered several regiments into a massive ambush and many were shattered. Segmentum Command ordered a withdrawl to reassess the situation. Abandoned, the remenants were forced to fend for themselves.

Several banded together & the highest ranking officer was a Cadian Captain named Eric Goldman. Under him the at first paltry number of humans began fighting the enemy & eventually gained enough numbers & momentum to return to Imperial lines. Upon their return, command officially consolidated the survivors together as they had gathered enough to field a sizable regiment & sent them back into the field.

Many expected them to be killed as the number of conflicting doctrines should have spelt doom for them but the push into the enemy became large enough to require a force to consolidate the gains made by the survivors. Some say the captain's charisma was to be credited. Others claim he enticed the officers and NCOs with bribes. There is even a rumor that the good captain was a Schola washout and he united the regiment via their combined hate for him. Regardless those who followed him throughout the trials began to refer to themselves as Goldman's Survivors and the victory on the planet was their baptism of fire.

Due to clerical errors a few of the regiments destroyed continue to send new recruits. These novices find themselves not in the regiment of their world but with a very varied force. Often they are placed into the surviving squad of their intended regiment and any veteran surplus is placed into a new squad. Other times members of an ill fated regiment are combined into the Survivors. Regardless of the source, Goldman's regiment is very rarely low on personnel.


The squads will be made up of different model lines. For instance one command squad will be made up of Mordians. Another will be Tallarn, etc. Some squads will be conversions such as Harakoni or Terrax. Towards the end I'll even toss in one squad each of Elysians & Krieg. As said before this will be a long term project put together through ebay, rare finds online & direct orders. I plan to have pretty much each different model line to be represented.


I've been meaning to do a SIGAFH for some time now & recently one of the guys at my GW began collecting Praetorians but only a single squad. I found myself wanting to do that too & eventually have a squad from each model line. So I combined the two & came up with a quick background. I recently read Death or Glory so don't be surprised if you recognized the similarities. Don't ask me where Goldman came from. It popped in my head & stuck. I think it was a subconscious reference to Gaunt's Ghosts or something.

Anyways I'm debating whether I should come up with a scheme or use a different one per squad. Also the regiment's symbol currently will be a little man painted in gold. At the moment here's a list of the worlds of origin:

Cadia, female

Now pending squad origins:

Necromunda Spiders
Jopall Indentured Squadrons
Brimlock Dragoons
Mordant Acid Dogs
Jouran Dragoons
Finreht Highlanders
Asgardian Rangers

As you can see I've still got some things to hammer out but its a start. If you've got a recommendation for a pending squad or some other advice or criticism please share.
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