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Atlanta GD coverage, some nice IG squads!
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Default Atlanta GD coverage, some nice IG squads!


Here's some really nice IG squads that won the 3 first place at the GD!!

IG over here!

Here's some pics of Scott's (aka Bushido on some forums) Traitor guardsmen :

Traitor Squad

And here's how he did the shotgun!

The Shotgun (converted lasgun):

Basically, you start with a Cadian lasgun (I used one with a bayonet because it had more detail for the pump-action part of a shotgun).

Cut off the barrel right where it thickens into what would be the flash suppressor on a conventional rifle (I think that's what it is)...you know, the part that makes las-weaponry distinctive. Also, if you're using the bayonet, cut the knife off up to the pommel.

Finally, cut off the clip and gouge out a place for the spent shell casings to eject.

To make the pump-action part (I have no idea what that's called) you're going to want to carefully trim down the grip of a bolter. If you leave a little of the plastic that's in between the grip and the clip (of the bolter) it will make it look like there's actually something for the pump-thingie to slide along.

That's it, really. The hardest part is cutting the bolter piece to fit, since it's hard to judge how much material you'll need to remove until you actually try to fit it underneath a lasgun. Also, getting the hands to hold it correctly might be a littly tricksy...I think I had to do a little cutting and bending.
and the rest of the coverage here.


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Default Re: Atlanta GD coverage, some nice IG squads!

whaaa...that's kinda like my shotgun tutorial...in my signature...
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