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Best gear for platoon command?
Old 17 Nov 2007, 08:58   #1 (permalink)
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Default Best gear for platoon command?

I've been trying to come up with an Imperial Guard list but I'm really not sure how best to outfit the platoon commands (troops etc., the main command is easy). I've got the Junior Officer roughly worked out with a Honorifica (to spread the leadership bonuses incase my main command bites the dust) and then just standard power weapon and bolt pistol (was considering a power fist...). But I have no idea how to kit out the rest of the staff, besides giving one of them a Vox...
What is the best way to outfit the attendant staff? Give them special weapons, a heavy weapon, standard lasguns or close combat weapons?

Any advice would be great!

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Default Re: Best gear for platoon command?

It might just be me, but that seems a rather broad question...
Ideally you'd want it to work well with the rest of your army, but it should probably have some sort of purpose in itself (ex: counter-assault or something like that)...

Now having said that, the command squad can be a very good place to put plasma (pistol on officer, plasma gun guard) since if you upgrade 2 of the non-vox guys you got left to veteran, they all have armory access (2 more plasma pistols). Add a medic upgrade and you survive a bit longer against "gets hot".

Personally, for HQ I like Office w/ stormbolter & pw, (master) vox, medic, bannerman, and either a grenade launcher or vets w/ something suitably fluffy or situationally useful. Or if necessary, nix the banner and add an autocannon. For platoon command, officer w/ stormbolter & pw, vox, medic, and either a grenade launcher & a vet with something useful, however much plasma, or an autocannon.

But don't forget you can add the advisors. If you're going for cc w/ everyone with pistol and ccw, a priest with an evisorator is fun.

Hope that helps, but there's plenty of people here with more experience and insight than myself. ^^

edit: i'm not thinking straight tonight and can't count my special weapons....
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Default Re: Best gear for platoon command?

I'd say:

JO: PW and Plasma Pistol
Comissar: PW and bolt pistol.
Medic: CCW and LP.
2 Veterans: Laspistol and CCW.
Veteran: meltagun.

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Default Re: Best gear for platoon command?

Heres what i do

HSO- power weapon, storm bolter
1 vet- medic
1 guard- master vox
2 guard- mortar
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Default Re: Best gear for platoon command?

I've always been iffy on giving pw to guard. Yes, they're cheap but they're only str 3. I put more recommendation to a pf mainly because as Guard normally strike after a lot of the armies out there (there are a lot of I4 or better armies in my area) it is better to hit with str 6 over str 3 for the better chance to wound.
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Default Re: Best gear for platoon command?

Only models you can give a Power Fist to are Officers and Commissars - buried Commissars work wonders, but as Independent Characters, the Officer will get torn to ribbons before he can even think of swinging back. At least with a Power Weapon, SOs and HSOs can strike simultaneously with Marines and the like.

My preferred combination is something like...

HSO, Power Weapon
Veteran-Standard Bearer
Master Vox

It's going through some changes, however.
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Default Re: Best gear for platoon command?

Depends for me, really. Playing against myself (Not many people live near me, and I have three armies....) I generally use autocannons, because I also have Tyranids and Tau. I like power weapons (Dead tau, and a chance agains Nids.) and a pistol. Medics are nice, as well.
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Default Re: Best gear for platoon command?

For platoon commands it depends on what style army I'm using. In a static gunline, I take a regular JO with a heavy bolter and 2 grenade launchers. If I'm playing an up close and personal list, I take a JO with a power weapon, bolt pistol, 2 melta troopers and 2 vets with close combat weapons.
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Default Re: Best gear for platoon command?

My Generally use a BIG command group.
HSO and a fist and plasma pistol
Psyker with honurifica and force weapon and las pistol
Priest with eviscerater
Commissar with powerfist and storm bolter.
Give them all medalion crimsons, Carapace thanks to doctrines and you have a killing machine.
However this reallysucks up points so I only use it in 1500 or higher games.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Best gear for platoon command?

I should preface my comments with a disclaimer that I am fairly new to guard but have been playing 40k for a while. These opinions are based more on my perceptions than extensive play testing.

I run two command squads for leadership, one with a standard and the other with the honorifica (both with ID). This helps diversify and expand my leadership bubble.

As I need them to survive to keep my gunline firing, they stay out of LOS. Accordingly they receive a mortar and nothing else. Giving them a power weapon or LOS shooting weapons just tempts me to bring them forward rather than keeping them safe.

Further command sections will then be armed with auto-cannons, keeping them fairly cheap and versatile. I like my lascannons to have extra ablative wounds and prefer autocannons to missile launchers.

Assaulty command sections seem to me rather a waste, they will always be more expensive than an equivalent RR squad and will almost never be as effective. RR receive a boost to strength and initiative both of which guard need to inflict damage before their inevitable demise. The sole potential advantage is that assaulty command squad can continue to deal out pain is subsequent rounds of combat, I find this overrated as guard almost never survive that long (especially pfs with initiative 1).

In direct contradiction to this I have recently used a command squad with two flamers and a pw jumping out of a chimera to good effect. Their main use is as a mobile scoring unit for objective taking and fire support (the chimera). The squad is cheap enough that they donít need to engage the enemy to be worthwhile but at a pinch they can inflict a decent amount of damage or engage a potentially dangerous unit far enough from my gunline that I can get a shot at them next turn.
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