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You R Safe if they cant C U
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Old 15 Mar 2005, 22:37   #1 (permalink)
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Default You R Safe if they cant C U

What does everybody think of an army list that is based around the enemy not being able to see you, but you being able to shoot them?

I am thinking about a list that is based around mortar teams, a couple griffons, and a basilisk (with indirect fire). The only major problems that I can see are what to do about enemy armour (I was thinking drop drooping autocannon sentinals behind enemy lines) and how to equip the infantry squads so that they are not wasted (arming each squad with a mortar seems to waste most of their potential). Any ideas?
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Default Re: You R Safe if they cant C U

Um.. I think the biggest problem is the most obvious one.. what if you don't have enough terrain to hide ALL that....
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Default Re: You R Safe if they cant C U

The Basilisk is a poor choice for an indirect-fire army, unless you play on 8x6 boards or larger. Griffons and Mortars are your best bets, but all your anti-tank will have to face the enemy head on. Either spread Lascannons and Missile Launchers around the infantry squads, or invest in a Flyer (buggers to hit, and "indirect" in their own way ).
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Default Re: You R Safe if they cant C U

I agree with Wargamer about the Basilisk. You have to carefully consider whether it will be able to effectively fire indirectly. Keep in mind though, that if there isnt enough terrain to effectively hide everything, tanks can suffice. Place the two griffons anywhere (preferable away from the enemy's AT and put the infantry behind. I dont have the rulebook with me, but I think that tanks are type 3 terrain and therefore difficult to fire over.
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Default Re: You R Safe if they cant C U

I finnaly got my filthy paws on the VDR and Im going to make a badass tank hunting flyer, I recomend the same for you.
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