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Sentinel tactics
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Default Sentinel tactics

As reading battle reports and such i have seen very little in the proper use of sentinels. Most people use them in ways that they were not to be used for. The original use was a scout or infantry support. But most do not use them like that. I have found that keeping sentinels close to my platoons and having them intercepting assault troops and block los to my platoons and help keep them in the game for just one more turn and maybe turn the tide of the game. You will probably say that they are too expensive to risk losing but when you look at it would you rather lose 1 sentinel or 10 guardsman?.
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Default Re: Sentinel tactics

in my opinion sentinals make great cannon fodder for protcting troops and various other units (mainly command). also as i play catachan i use them quit frequently too kill of mass amouts of orks or nids in jungle terrain where they cant shoot at it. they are also the only vechile i would consider in a guard army (other then a basky) unless you were getting an armoured division army
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