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1st Lieutennant Wyman and his company the 4543rd Holdgatian Irregulars
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Default 1st Lieutennant Wyman and his company the 4543rd Holdgatian Irregulars

1st lieutennant Wyman (or... "why man?" as his battalion comanders call him behiind his back) is the most expendable officer in the battalion. Despite being a tactical mastermind, he is unkempt, absent minded, short, fat, and not very inspiring to his company (who are unaffectionately called 'The Expendables' by Battalion command, or 'The Underappreciated' by themselves...

He is represented by that old fat cadian lieutennant with the shotgun who is either the most embarrassing figure I can think of or one of the coolest... I have yet to decide on that.

I stuck a nondescript pistol holster and some grenade satchel on his back so he can be reconfigured weaponwise depending on how many points I have... maybe it's a plas pistol, maybe its a bolt pistol... maybe there's frags and kraks in that pack, maybe meltabombs, or a surveyor. etc. etc... usually its just some krak grenades.

So Wyman has been painted with spilled food all over his uniform, and he has a few sidekicks.

first off... everyone in Wyman's company is actually quite good at what they do... they kind of have to be, because they are not very confident and they often have to rely upon themselves since Battalion Command rarely pays much attention to them.

Firstly there is 'Leggy', Wymans only friend. it is a grubby painted sentinel with a schizophrenic pilot who just loves jumping on things. His initiative and Wyman's Macharian cross usually give him the chance. The sentinel itself is armed with a heavy flamer, an armored crew compartment, extra armor, and has really big feet (rough terrain mod.), and an attitude to go along with the spikey feet (hardened fighters). Leggy is one crazy lunatic who often gets his Sentinel blown up, and occasionally remounts it with an autocannon, a HK missile, or a lascannon depending on what is available. He's my only sentinel, so I often dump a bunch of points upgrading him. From time to time he's just stuck with the heavy flamer and remove all the accessories. But ideally, he's one tough close combat sentinel who just doesn't care about charging into a fray because he knows it can be fixed sooner or later.

There is 'the Firing squad' comprised of 3 heavy bolter teams. Each one has a motto painted on its base... "ha ha you totaly missed!", "next time YOU carry the ammo and I fire the gun", and "Oops... wrong ammo I thought we had a mortar"

(I just love modeling ammo bearers they are so funny... theres actually 6 heavy weapon teams in my collection, another of them is carrying every different type of ammo and says "which squad again boss?", and another one has the shovel and says "why do you get the gun and I get a shovel", and the last one has a huge backpack and says "ow my back hurts"))

they are all SHARPSHOOTERS and despite their goofy appearance, quite dangerous. (the heavy bolters mounted on the tripods occasionally switch up for lascannons or autocannons... depending on what can be scrounged from battalion command)

Wyman's command squad is intended to be the least threatening target on the board, it contains fat little Wyman, his sidekick Sgt. Targe (or 'target', behind his back) who waves a big flag around that says "FOLLOW ME MEN!" in big bold black on white, and this fella named 'Flamerguy' who obviously wields a flamer and has an extra fueltank strapped to his thigh, and two other guys with chainswords and laspistols who are called "the lumberjack twins". They are hardly a threat, don't amount to many victory points, and maybe just maybe can effect a countercharge if they're lucky. but mostly just sit back and help 'leadership' (haha!). Wyman does actually have a Macharian Cross, but since this only has an effect before battles, it doesn't make him much more of a viable target.

One of the other squads in the platoon are the 'Scumbuckets' who are perpetually in trouble for insubordination so they have their helmets taken away, are forced to clean latrines and scout for lictors and such with nothing but lasguns to help them. They are DIE HARD LIGHT INFANTRY, and HARDENED FIGHTERS because they are always getting in fights over who gets to peel the potatoes or whatever. They are also SHARPSHOOTERS and have actually performed really well so far because nobody really thinks of them as much of a threat, so they just zip around in cover and roll lots and lots of flashlight dice.

The platoon command is led by 2nd Lt. Yurk, who once stole a missile launcher and a surveyor. His squad are just dumb grunts with lasguns. So is he. Except for the missile launcher and surveyor.

The other squad in the platoon are 'The Underappreciated'... or "You Guys..." SHARPSHOOTERS with a lascannon in tow. They are actually quite good, but kind of generic so nobody takes them seriously either. Except for that lascannon.

Since Wyman and his company are severely underrated, mostly regarded as a joke, and doubtful to be competent at anything to Battalion Command, when he goes out on bigger missions, they send a Squadron of Lemans to make sure he doesn't screw anything up. Big Momma Emerald in her bright green tank "MOM", who is up armored, has track guards, sports a lascannon and 2 heavy bolters.

Followed by "DAD" who has heavy flamers and a lascannon, also wearing the pants in this family (track guards) and extra armor. He has a Bulldozer on the front that says 'dad'. He generally stays pretty close to Wyman's and Yurk's little squads, the "you guys" and the "firing squad" so he can tank shock and flame anything that gets near them.

finally "THE BABYSITTER" who sports a pintle mounted stubber and 3 heavy bolters and moves around a lot and goes 'yak yak yak' with a lot of dice when she isn't busy blasting her battlecannon or making a target of herself by being the littlest more easily killable Leman in the squad (HA!)

The final addition to Wyman's company is "THE GIRL NEXT DOOR" who spends days working as a catering truck to the company and the tank squadron.

She is one hell of a chimera. 2 HK missiles (both painted pink with red tips because I'm a sicko like that), a pintle stubber, armor, track guards, smokescreen, a dozer blade that says 'Sexy', a heavy flamer in the hull and a multilaser in the turret make her almost as expensive as the Lemans. Mostly just because she looks really good in that getup I like this Chimera. I think an extravagently overupgraded Chim is one of the funnest things to model and build and use in a battle.

She carries around an armored fist squad that has been attached to Wyman and they are the closest thing to 'elite' you can get in this outfit. They have a veteran sergeant named 'Sgt. Tuff' who also has a nonspecific fanny pack and pistol holster that could have who knows what in it... the squad packs a meltagun, frag and krak grenades, a missile launcher... and they die in every battle they've been in because they have to go do the dirty work and make themselves an obvious target... on the back of the chimera are painted the words "I HATE THIS JOB". The Chim usually survives better than the guys riding in it. The GIRL NEXT DOOR is pretty sexy with those 2 hunter killer missiles she's got.

Lt. Wyman and his company yet to win a battle. But they are pretty fun to play because it is such an awkward army and everyone appreciates the humor and side story of them. They aren't totaly hopeless because of the 3 Lemans, and all the upgrades make them kind of unique and quirky I think... die hard, light infantry, close order drill (they huddle together a lot these miserable losers), hardened fighters, and sharpshooters. All my favorite doctrines all mishmashed together. yay. And 3 really mean tanks, a gorgeous chim, and a derangel sentinel plus all this gang of losers is just so fun.
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Default Re: 1st Lieutennant Wyman and his company the 4543rd Holdgatian Irregulars

thats tight

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