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Infantry support
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Default Infantry support

So i was reading the White Dwarf article form this months, and i thought it was really helpfull. I just have a few questions about it.

first: what should a squad do when/if its infantry support vehicle is destroyed? Should they head for cover or march on.

Second: should i use sentinels as infantry support vehicles, or should they be their own kind. Like supper heavy infantry.

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Default Re: Infantry support

to the first q: MARCH ON! (hopefully into cover, but either way). I think it's good to have your squads either blasting away if they have a good shot (like 12" for rapid fire, or anywhere they can for heavy weapons), or trudging towards the opposite board quarter for scoring points and psychological reasons. The more they get there, the more your badguy will pour fire into them and try to erase them. Its a points thing.

Sentinels... I think it's best to make them their own thing. they are so fragile and easily targettable by heavy weapons, but so good as independant roadblocks, scoring units, and 'peekaboo' shot snipers with a big gun. I only have one, and it has variable mounts, and I eaither use it as a 'super elite infanntry' like you said, and charge it at squads of grunts, or I use it as a sniper, just hopping about and zapping things from a distance. Combining them with infantry just muddles things up and they are useful as their own separate entities left to do one or other specific task. (charging or sniping)
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Default Re: Infantry support

sentinels really come into their own if you are playing against st, 3 troops they can even tie up seer councils, (singing spear is only st 9 when thrown)

theyre great against banshees as well.

single unit sentinels have their place in tactics as well, eg give the sentinel the h/flamer option, and your opponent will ignore it, it's ''only'' got a flamer, but they forget its a point scoring unit as well, and if you need a shield for your independant character then having them stand behind a sentinel is a really effective tactic (great for protecting attached inquisitors)

as for the first bit standing still, has its advantages as well, the guard now have a 4 up cover save to hide behind, but it all depends on what's within 18'' of you (move + rapidfire / spec wpn range)
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Default Re: Infantry support

1) Hmm.. this one really depends on the situation. If they've got assault weapons, I would say to march on.
If they've got heavy weapons, I would say to hunker down.

Either way, though, you have to remember that these ARE guardsmen that we're talking about, so cover will almost ALWAYS help, whether you plan on staying put or not.

2) Sentinels are great for infantry support! Keep one up by your guardsmen, preferably with an autocannon, to deal with and heavy infantry or light vehicles you may encounter. Multi lasers really aren't 1/2 bad, either.
They're great for assaulting that big scary chocked-full-of-power-weapon squad about to hit your lines, or, even better, charge them into a unit of 'Gaunts and they'll be there all game unless a tyrant or other nasty decides to intervene. Heck, even in that case, you now have a bunch of little guys and one big guy in a close formation, just ASKING for an ordnance templace.

Originally Posted by decado
sentinels really come into their own if you are playing against st, 3 troops they can even tie up seer councils, (singing spear is only st 9 when thrown)
Yeah.. and the sentinel front armor is just one more than that, which means it will penetrate on a 2+.... Against a whole counsel with singing spears, or even a lone farseer, your sentinel will die quickly to thrown spears. Very, very quickly. It will hold them off quite nicely if you can get it into assault, though!
*EDIT* never mind that last part about holding seer councils in assault... *EDIT*

Sentinels fit into a niche in the guard army, one of few units that can get away with shooting at only opportunity targets when equipped properly, while also soaking up assaults when required.
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Default Re: Infantry support

Originally Posted by decado
sentinels really come into their own if you are playing against st, 3 troops they can even tie up seer councils, (singing spear is only st 9 when thrown)
Very, very wrong! Your opponent does not know his Eldar. A Singing Spear is Witchblade that gains a ranged throw at the expense of being two-handed (and a few points). Even in melee, it strikes Sentinels like a Witchblade (which a lot of the council probably has anyway). Thus, you will end up very, very dead in a very short time.

On topic, I think Sentinels are nifty as their own little niche unit. I have not encountered them much, but ones mounting autocannon seem like a great way to get decent ranged firepower without attracting too much attention or having to get too close all the time.

If I played guard, I would probably take a squadron or two with this config, as you guys are not exactly swiming in high end FA like the Necrons or Eldar.
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Default Re: Infantry support

The supporting infantry is there to help keep the tank alive by killing meltabombers, correct?
I would say that the supporting infantry, now being so close to the enemy line with no tank, should dive into cover and pester the enemy lines for the rest of the battle.
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Default Re: Infantry support

from what i took from the article. Infantry support vehicles should remain close to their designated squad and help them accomplish their goals. The example that they gave was a leman russ supporting a squad of Kasrkin against a squad of demonets and a predator. The tank covered the squad of infantry that would have been shredded by the predator, and allowed the Kasrkin to fire at the demonets.
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