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The Autocannon
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Default The Autocannon

Out of curiosity, what's its rate of fire? Is it a machine-gun deal or simply a "Loader? What loader?" deal?


Just curious, since a Leman Russ Exterminator seems to mount 120mm versions...
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Default Re: The Autocannon

Well.. in one of the stories I have read (Defixio, or something like that. It's in Let the Galaxy Burn.), the Autocannon shells are loaded individually. Once the cannon is fired, the breach is opened, the casing falls out, and a new shell is loaded.

This seems somewhat contradictory though, because the name Autocannon implies that it is fully, or at least semi, automatic in loading and/or firing. Heck, autocannon (Automatic Cannon, anyone?) seems pretty self explanatory to me.

According to the Cadian models, it would seem that the Autocannons given to infantry are drum-fed and f/a. That makes more sense to me when you take into account the RoF in game.

I would imagine that most Vehicle-mounted autocannons are belt-fed from an ammo hopper, and fully automatic in their operation.

If you'd like a "real life" comparison, I would say that the firing rate of an Autocannon would be equivalent to the the 25mm "autocannon" mounted on Bradley IFV's.
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Default Re: The Autocannon

I've always pictured it much like a Bradley Fighting Vehicle's rate of fire


Shots don't start until after 1 minute.

And you beat me to it Nuke! Well, I provided a video! So :P
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Default Re: The Autocannon

I suppose it varies from world to world, or forge world to forge world. They would have a slow rate of fire, but if you have ever seen the DoW Dark Crusade Autocannon team fire, thats how I would picture it.
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Default Re: The Autocannon

I picture it firing a round every 1-2 seconds. It is not a machine gun, but it is not quite a main weapon in the same manner as a Battle Cannon. Heavy Stubbers are closer to heavy machine guns. Stub guns (Stubbers) and Autoguns both refer to projectile weapons in 40k, although the distinction is not always clear. And both types of weapon are extremely variable in terms of capability. To look at a modern example, and semiautomatic or automatic rifle could be refered to as an autogun in 40k parlance.
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Default Re: The Autocannon

From many fluff pieces, I see the Autocannon as a weapon with many forms.
From Gaunt's Ghosts, the Autocannon sometimes seem like a heavy machinegun with a very high fire-rate.
In other pieces, it is like a large calibre semi-auto weapon. And there is also what we see from the models (Cadian) as a drum fed
heavy cannon with few shots per magazine.

I think we can see the Autocannon for what it is. An Automatic Cannon. I doubt there is any standard description of this weapon.
It is my all time favourite weapon though.

Oh, and 1000 posts btw 8)
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Default Re: The Autocannon

I picture it as firing something like the 40mm cannons mounted to an AC-130. Automatic? Yes. Fast? Not particularly. Makes a big hole? You better believe it
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Default Re: The Autocannon

Originally Posted by Fish Ead
I picture it as firing something like the 40mm cannons mounted to an AC-130. Automatic? Yes. Fast? Not particularly. Makes a big hole? You better believe it
Thats what I picture, though more of the accuall gun with a shorter barrel on a carrage. With the same crazy amount of fire and all. Then again thats what Wargammer described when I just got into warhammer so that kinda stuck with me...
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Default Re: The Autocannon

ya, i have always pictured the autocannon giving off a nice big shell every second or two.. so

1.. 2.. 3.. 4..

You get the picture.. :P

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Default Re: The Autocannon

if you go by the autocannons on the predators in DOW, then the autocannon fire at about 2 rounds per second
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