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The Imperial Guard Sprites
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Default The Imperial Guard Sprites


As some of you may know, I have been working on the 40k Sprites Project- See my Signature- and I have finished the main units of our beloved Imperial Guard.


First Row: Conscript, Guardsman, Officer with powerfist and Laspistol, Officer With Powersword, Stormtrooper, Veteran, Command Squad Member

Second Row: Commissar, Techpriest, Priest, Psyker, Ratling, Ogryn

Third Row: Autocannon Team, Heavy Bolter Team, Lascannon Team, Missile Launcher Team, and Mortar Team

Fourth Row: Basilisk, Chimera with multilaser and Hull Heavy Bolter, Hellhound, Sentinel, and Rough Rider

Fifth Row: Demolisher with Heavy Bolter Sponsons and Hull Lascannon, Demolisher with No Sponsons and Hull Lascannon, Leman Russ Battle Tank with Hull Lascannon and Heavy Bolter Sponsons.

Mid-Top-Right: Weapons: Lasgun, laspistol, chainsword, shotgun, autogun, flamer, plasmagun, meltagun, grenade launcher.

Top-RIght: Sentinel Wepons: Autocannon, Multilaser, Lascannon, Heavy Flamer.

Obviously a few more things need to be added, and I welcome C&C..

[size=12pt] But I'd appreciate help with the project (Currently working on Orks) even more![/size]

EDIT: I also give you....


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