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yuri gorgonov and commisar antonius quintus
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Default yuri gorgonov and commisar antonius quintus

ok well this is not about fluff so you know its more about there heroic actions in games.

action 1. the nightbringer was swinging his scythe around wildly harvsting the guarsmen it hit. yuri charged forward and whacked it a couple of time. the nightbringer failed to hit him though and yuri whacked him again and the dread creature died. a human had slain a god.

action 2. about 13 necrons advanced upon a platton of guardsmen killing most of them. but the commisar stood firm as the necrons advanced and although most of the scoud had routed he charged into the necrons and by the end of the game only 2 necrons survived the commisars onslaught.

action 3. yuri and antonious with 10 gaurdsmen held a fortified positions from 3 groups of csm and a demon prince until reinforcements arrived. they held out for 4 turns before been relieved. 6 guardsmen and the commisar died.

action 4. the commisar held a road all by himself and managed to down 3 necron destroyers before being reinforced with stormtroopes.

action 5. yuri and 10 guardsmen where mounted in a chimera heading towards a space marine devastator squad. as the doors opend most of the guardsmen where shot down but yuri all by himself killed the devastators out of anger.

more to come ;D
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