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When fielding armor....
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Kroot Shaper
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Default When fielding armor....

I'm now a firm believer that more than one piece should be there. Someone here pointed this out to me, and the advice was backed up by a painful experience of my own. I seem to have a dilemma!

I've got a "weekday" list rolling around here somewhere, for those after-work and dinner time games that is only a 750 pointer. It's got a Russ, four heavy bolters, an autocannon, two missile launchers and my regiment's pride - one lascannon! I'm aware that if I do some trimming, I could field two Russes or Demolishers and still pack in 4 Heavy Bolters. That's not what I want to do, though - I've got a bit of fluff going on that says my guys are more like desert scavengers than a supplied regiment.

So, the nougat dilemma in the middle of this chocolate ramble is - is it worth fielding one Russ in this point range, or am I just playing 163 points for a one-to-two turn fire magnet? Does anyone think I'd be better off replacing it with an Indirect Bassie and a small squad of infiltrators or a mortar support squad? I feel like I'd get more mileage out of those points by having two non-LoS sets of weapons each turn and denying my opponent anything beyond T3 models to shoot at with his high strength weapons. I'm not sure though, because I'm terribly new to the guard. Yes, I will probably playtest both. Yes, I am unable to sleep. I figure this board could use some late night traffic 8)
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Default Re: When fielding armor....

1 Russ in 750? Absolutely! Frankly, I'd think two would be pushing it, but I tend to have at least one MBT per 750 myself.
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Default Re: When fielding armor....

Perfectly normal :P I myself have one in 750pts and have room for a 3 squad platoon and an AF squad, and depending on whats left over a small vet squad.

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: When fielding armor....

I'll probably stick with the Russ... the 163 points are worth it even if just to hear my Chaos buddy groan about it when I set it down on the table ;D The looming threat of an AP3 pieplate is a great psychological weapon too.
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Default Re: When fielding armor....

Surely. I don't see why not. It provides a good centerpiece, looks awesome, and does do a good job of bashing up the enemy.

You could add a armoured fist squad if you wanted to get a bit more AV spread.
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Default Re: When fielding armor....

Of course, in fact you could have 3 at that range. However don't becuse it's not nice and very cheesy. (not elow me though.)

It is a great idea, it has Av 14, and can thus survive most anti tank fire thrown at it. In adition, think about it, in your own list you have 3 wepons that could kill a russ from the front. Now lets go through the #'s.

50% hit 1/2
1/6 glance 1/12
6 to destroy 1/72

50% hit 1/2
33.3% to glance/pen 1/6
50% to destroy 1/12

So lets look at that, you have the posibility of just over 50% of killing av 14 in a game. You can make sure that you only ever get Av 14 front by hiding the sides to terrain ect...
Now some super shooty armies might have more Anti-tank and some less. Now there is the ability to infact cripple the tank, wich is almost garented, but it will take a bit of fire to do this and can fire that template to get it's points bank pretty nicely.

Now think about that,
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: When fielding armor....

Thanks for the advice everyone

After looking at your breakdown Veqq, it makes even more sense.

I've got my first real game with this list against Chaos (750). I'm feeling pretty good about it. Thankfully I did my list before even agreeing on a match so I think I'm pretty safe from the pitfall of tailoring my army just to fight his.

I've seem him field what I believe is a Lord with Daemonic Stature, Kai gun, the +1 toughness and a few other goodies and termie armor for his Aspiring Champs. He's got a Rhino with a havoc launcher, and a Dreadnought with Scourge/Plasma Cannon. I think there were two Obliterators and as many Missile Launchers as he could fit. Looks like I'll be testing the time honored practice of weight of fire > spendy units
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: When fielding armor....

Originally Posted by Uggybug

Yes, I am unable to sleep. I figure this board could use some late night traffic 8)
It is quite a good idea to have a russ in there. theyre cheap and reliable and i doubt, ( with some good terrain playing), itll go down without a fight. its not a point sink for you but it is for your opponent right?
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Default Re: When fielding armor....

I use 2 leman russes and a demolisher at that mark. And it ususally works out fine. They rarely survive the battle intact but it gives anythin that isn't toting tyrand genes a good run for it's money.
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Default Re: When fielding armor....

Heck, I use twin hammerheads at 500points. Cheesy? Certainly. But one lone vehicle is more or less heavy weapons bait. Pretty much everyone will have enough to deal with it, so it just dies. Two at least risks overloading their vehicle killers.
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