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Big Decision
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Default Big Decision

Since I am doing a death korps army, I am trying to make the decision on which super heavy to take. I'm stuck between a Gorgon and the lucious pattern baneblade. I want to keep the whole Death Korps theme but which one do you think would be better.

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Default Re: Big Decision

Krieg troops would benefit from the Gorgon as a transport, but if you have a mobile element in Chimeras you can do it much, much cheaper than the Gorgon.

I'd go with the Baneblade. It's an incredibly powerfull vehicle on the field, and by no means unfluffy; IAvol1 shows Death Korps armoured units having even more exotic vehicles like the Stormblade.
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Default Re: Big Decision

Well, let me put it this way:

You put a gogron on the table

Other Guy: Oooh, nice transrport...

You put a baneblade on the table:

Other guy: HOLY SHIT! *Dives behind chair*



In more normal terms, yes, I would go with the baneblade. The Gorgon, while nice, just doesn't have the firepower and hence the WOW factor of the giant tank.
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