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Leman Russ Disaster!
Old 17 Mar 2007, 10:56   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Leman Russ Disaster!

Wow, what a night. The good news is that I got the Cadian Battleforce.

The bad news is that the Russ was almost worthless. The body was warped, as was the swivel piece for the turret. They weren't just warped to the point of needing a lot of glue and to be held in place - they barely went together. The top piece of the body sat about a half inch from being joined with the belly piece at the rear joint. The belly piece itself was bowed upward, and the lip where the front comes together was sticking out on one side and not long enough on the other. On top of that, the pour itself was just terrible. It looks like they poured the plastic in after it had begun to solidify because you can see "ripples" in the large flat pieces. The seams are also quite weak - the belly of the hull just about snapped in two when I tried to adjust it with some careful finger work. I finally had the body together with the inner tread housings glued on, so I went to the bathroom... as I come back, *pop* the pieces of the hill separate at the corners and refuse to go back in place.

The basilisk I bought is pretty bad too. The treads were wonky and not all the same size which forced me to creatively cut up some chunks of the spares and use them to fill in gaps. I don't mind that so much since I like modifying the models. What I did mind however was the half inch piece of plastic missing from the blast shield of the basilisk. It looks like again, they just sucked at pouring the plastic and it didn't reach into the far side of the mold. I guess it'll get turned into battle damage or some nonsense.

All in all, a pretty frustrating return after 8 years away from the game. Any of you folks out there have these problems? Does GW just suck at casting?
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Default Re: Leman Russ Disaster!

Same thing happened with mine at the front but I'm using a doser balde to cover it up.
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Default Re: Leman Russ Disaster!

yes GW really need some quality control, I had the same problem with a landraider (which i greenstuffed to look chaos like) and a hellhound, and to top it off a lanspeeder, They should have a damned refund policy, I have also bought the three box of sentinels and had to make 2 of my own feet for them, and when I bought the old warhammer boxed game was missing half the command sprue for empire.
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Default Re: Leman Russ Disaster!

I think this is just a thing of chance. The only real promblem I have ever had was when I bought a russ and the turret was slightly warped. All I had to do was use a little putty and It was fixed. I have also on the other hand heard stories just like yours were the whole model is messed up. It just seems like luck of the draw.

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Default Re: Leman Russ Disaster!

Originally Posted by 33rd Sirican Redbacks
yes GW really need some quality control, I had the same problem with a landraider (which i greenstuffed to look chaos like) and a hellhound, and to top it off a lanspeeder, They should have a damned refund policy...
They do. All you've got to do is take it back to your local Games Workshop, even if they weren't so good about putting such things right, you're protected as a consumer. If a product is not of merchantable quality you have a legal right to your money back if you want. For most of us a replacement model will suffice.

All I'm saying is that you don't have to just bite your lip and tolerate it. Take it back, get a replacement, be happy.
Originally Posted by Colonel_Sanders
When all was finished, the battlefield was a smoking crater. UDC, Valoran, US Army, Tau, the Nazis, a random pirate ship, and a bunch of ninjas, all were enemies to the Vulture. All were turned into scrap metal. Or plastic. Depends which game system you play.
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Default Re: Leman Russ Disaster!

GW is really helpful by replacing damaged models.
I had a Killa kan blister, and it was missing weapon, foot, banner and hatch.
I mailed GW, explaining the business. One week later, I recieved every part in the mail, for free. And they had sent me 3 weapons, so "I could choose what gun I wanted to gear the kan with". Great service.

A friend of mine had a crusader without hurrcane bolter bits and a slightly warped bootompiece. GW sent him a brand new crusader.

Just tell them your problem, and they will help. At least that is my experience.
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Default Re: Leman Russ Disaster!

ive heard stories where a guy ordered an army, GW thought they mucked up because it was 3 week late, the army turned up three days later.

BUT they guy gained another army!! a few days (or whatever) later a package turned up with an apology from the royal mail.

GW said he could keep the "spare" army because it would cost more to put the extras into the system.
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Default Re: Leman Russ Disaster!

I have never had a problem with GW products. I find the stuff though expensive quality made, but with anything you get a bad batch some times and they don't check every piece maybe a few out of every thousand or so.

I find their customer service very good, in fact I have bought GW products at other retailers and if I was missing parts or had any issue the GW people have always taken the product back and replaced it with a new one. I just had to bring in my original and show them the problem, if they couldn't fix it they replaced it.

Now I know some independant retailers that won't do jack for you but GW is a hobby not just a game and they have a lot of loyalty to their customers I find.
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