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Anti chaos squad Delta
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Default Anti chaos squad Delta

Here is a squad of four heroes

cost # Ws Bs S T W I At Ld Sv
220 4

Minuas 6 2 5 4 3 4 2 8 -/5+
( ps hes a minotaur)
Wargear: Storm bolter, Minnoses axe (counts as power weapon), Refractor shield

Special rules: Unstoppable charge
on the charge Minnos lowers his horns and uses them as a weapon this means that he only has one attack on the charge but if this attack is saved target hit is knocked down and misses there next attack phase

(ok this is where my freakish personality shines through)
Minnos is in a relation ship with his second in command Jade. when Jade is killed Minnos goes berserk he gains one attack and one weapon skill he is also invulnerable and all attacks count as unstoppable charge these effects last for two turns where any wounds dealt to him stack up if this is more wounds than he has he dies >

when hit by an audenence blast if he makes a Armour save minuas may try to catch said projectile on a 6 he catches it and my throw it 12 and it has same strength and Armour penetration as normal

he may also be equipped with a heavy weapon to replace his storm bolter and all two handed weapons count as pistols to him and heavy weapons count as two handed weapons but they keep the effects for the average cost to that of equipping it to a infantry squad

Jade Ws Bs S T A W I Ld Sv

3 4 3 3 2 2 3 9 4+

Wargear: Bolter, cc weapon, carapace Armour , Frag and Krack grenades , sniper rifle

Special rules:

Jade is in a relationship with minuas if minuas is killed she gains plus one to ballistic skill and has ten attacks regardless of gun otherwise the same rules applies to her as minuas

Seasoned sniper
sniper rifles count as assault one in her hands
"she can castrate a Grot from one hundred yards!" ;D

Jade can use psykik powers to her advantage although shes not good at it she can form a good defense from other psykik attacks

she can use two ability's called shield and psykik punch

Shield is a defense from psykik attacks that affect them physically

Psykik punch is a counter ability for other psyikers using there abilities

Max Ws Bs S T A W I Ld Sv
3 4 3 3 1 1 3 7 4+

Wargear: Hellgun, Carapace Armour, Frag and Krack grenades

Special rules

Max is the medic he can save one wound per turn on a roll of 5 or 6 he and whoever is in his Squad are immune to gas and drug weapons

Max needs glasses so at long range 1/2 of his range he has a negative one to hit

Dave Ws Bs S T A W I Ld Sv
3 4 3 3 1 1 3 7 4+

Wargear: plasma gun , Krack grenades and meltabombs , carapace Armour

Special rules

Dave knows

Dave knows just where the soft ans squishy bits of Armour is so all guns in his hands count as havening +1 to ap (so a hellgun has st3 ap4 ;D)

I decided to write a short story to go with them i know im going a bit over the top but hey im on a roll

"oh give it a rest will ya!" spat Dave angrily
"i doubt you three will last five seconds!" bellowed an overly pompous Space Marine
"why you little!..." Dave was halfway to his feet when Max put a hand on his shoulder
"look Dave ive put Enough of your teeth back in to last me a lifetime!" commented Max as he adjusted his glasses just let it go. The Space marine burst out luaghfing.
"why Minuas you always pick the right time to come back" Stated Jade in a calm voice.
"you might not want to be saying those things to my friends" only now had they realized the hole mess hall had gone quiet and that everyone was watching intently.
Smiling the marine turned around to find himself staring at a large Armour plated chest "oh..."
That was the only thing he had time to say before a fist the sise of his head smacked into him.
He woke up an hour and a half later locked in a small room with a window on two of the sides.
Through one he could see a group of four people the other he could see nothing but space.
one of the four people Dave as he recalled looked through the door "hes awake!"
the largest of the four a huge beast with the head of a bull looked at him and smiled as he pushed a large button.
"oh cr.." muttered the marine as the airlock door blew open. ;D

(what did ya think?)

If i asked nicely do you think a moderator would give me -1 karma?
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