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Here I come!
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Here I come!

Greetings! I just recently decided to get back into 40k after an 8 year break. I consider that enough time off to be a total newbie again

Last time it was Eldar, this time it's the Guard! I'd say that my choice for IG this time around is partly thanks to them being my favorite army in Dawn of War. I know they aren't the same between the TT and that RTS, but it's the flavor I like. So, I thought I'd come here, say hello to my fellow guardsmen and ask for some pretty general advice.

I'm going to be primarily playing against Tau, Chaos and Space Marines in my off time. I don't really want to tailor my force to be particularly great against any one of those because I feel my tournament play will suffer from it in the long run. I had planned on bringing a lot of heavy weapons to the field and shielding them with plenty of guardsmen, with the HQ staying near the back and using their Mortar team to unsettle my opponent. And one Russ. Is this sound, or for armies with beefy soldiers am I going to need more tankiness?
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Default Re: Here I come!

In any army in which you plan to field a tank, it is normally advisable to field two or more (especially if they're poorly armoured). Even mighty Leman Russ will melt under the combined fire of your opponent's entire AT arsenal. Giving him two AV14 armour facings to pour fire into means he'll either have to split fire between the two or ignore one entirely until the other is destroyed. Either way, your chances of putting at least one tank to good use are greatly improved.

Lots of heavy weapons lurking behind meat shields is a good idea, but swap out the mortar team for a Griffon if you've a spare heavy support slot; they're infinitely better. You'll need your opponent's permission to field it, but anyone who tells you they won't allow it probably isn't worth playing against anyway.
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Default Re: Here I come!

run a demolisher with a hull lascannon and sponson plasma cannons.
laugh manically at every terminator squad you can see.
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