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8th Harkus ~ Compilation of Tactics, Campaigns etc...
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Default 8th Harkus ~ Compilation of Tactics, Campaigns etc...


As I come close to completing my World Eaters army, I have decided that for my next army I will do Imperial Guard. Now, this is no story, this is or will be a compilation for my army. I will, over the coming months gather together a useful source of information, and I will store any Battle Reports I have posted here, any Tactics I've picked up on the way, and some fluff to spice things up a little.

I hope you enjoy this, and please give me positive, useful feedback.

Thank You.

[Note: All of this work has been produced by my Older Brother Anton.]


Thought for the Day: Bah, you always need meat for the Grinder.

::The 7th Harkus - Through the Fires of War!::
::Chapter One - Humble Beginnings::

The Planet Hark, like most Imperial held planets, consisted of a loyal, hard working populace who gave much to the Imperium, and received little in return. Hark, like many Imperial planets was generally unrecognised and remained a dot within Thousands who ceaselessly toiled to keep the Imperium alive. It's landscape was relatively attractive, and compromised of many Grassland fields that were home to many strange, and wonderful creatures. It's sky was clear an unpolluted, and its populace took great pride in the upkeep and appearance of Hark. It was in '222.M39.' that Hark was to change. In '222.M39.' Hark had been selected by the Department Munotorium as liable for the recruitment, training, arming and shipping of Imperial Guard Regiments, and it was, as so to speak, an offer the people of Hark could not refuse. And with such an offer, their landscape payed the price. Many, many munitions, weapons, armour and tank factories were built, and many of the Hark populace worked in these factories, willingly. They believed that through accepting the Munotorium's offer, they were doing their Emperor proud, which in all respects they did. But one thing the Department Munotorium didn't tell them was why so many Imperial Guard Regiments were to be created, and what enemy they would be facing.


Thought for the Day: War makes, shapes and comforts Soldiers.

::The 7th Harkus - Through the Fires of War!::
::Chapter Two - First March of the men of Hark::

After 16 years of ceaseless production, recruitment and training, Hark had finally satisfied the Munotoriums needs, and it was on '238.M39.' that the first parade of the first found Hark Regiments had begun. Thousands, if not Millions turned out to cheer on the proud and noble Soldiers of the Hark Regiments, but on a rather ironic side note, most of the Harkus men marching onto their Landers would never see Hark, or anything ever again, Emperor bless their souls, for their eagerness to join the fight for the Imperium would be quickly shattered.

The first conflict, for any Imperial Guard Regiment is easy. But the Harkus Regiments were a rather unlucky exception. A Tyranid Splinter, or Break Off Fleet had decided to nestle in to a planet named Restafae III, and as such they were on their hands and knees for assistance. The Munotorium had specifically raised the Harkus Regiments to destroy, and eradicate the Tyranid Fleet, as even a Break Off Fleet can quickly regain strength if they absorb enough Planets, and, from lessons learned in previous failures to destroy Splinter Fleets, the Munotorium were to ensure that the Tyranids would meet the full force of all 7 Harkus Regiments. The 1st Harkus Army, as it was called, was under the Command of a General Kelthian Pett, was briefed on their mission, whilst many were unnerved at the prospect of fighting the Tyranids, the reassurance from the Munotorium that the enemy was 'severely under strength' gave the men of Hark an air of confidence. But, the Munotoiums words of reassurance were nothing short of lies, as to the 1st Harkus Armies great misfortune.

Within hours of arriving at Restafae III the 1st Harkus Army was ready for combat, and as I quote from General Pett himself "I felt so proud I could have sworn I was choking on my own heart." Pett's Tactic was simple, whilst the Restafae Forces held the Tyranids at their walls, the men of Hark would strike from behind, effectively sandwiching the Tyranids against the walls of the Restafae, and the Guns of the Harkus Regiments. But, unfortunately mainly due to the rather shameful lack of intelligence many thousands of loyal Hark would pay for the Munotoriums lies.


Thought for the Day: If you can breathe, you can bloody well fight!

::The 7th Harkus - Through the Fires of War!::
::Chapter Three - The Massacre::

Both the Munotorium and the Harkus Regiments had underestimated their foe, incredibly. On that day '239.M39' 4 Harkus Infantry Regiments, and 1 Harkus Armoured Regiment had all, effectively, been wiped out. General Kelthian Pett himself was killed, and the only Harkus survivors barely numbered enough together to form a full strength Regiment, and as such, the survivors retreated. The next in line Officer was Colonel Fergor Krane, and as his first order, he commanded that all Hark survivors are to be withdrawn back to the fleet, and that the Munotorium provided not only answers for their shoddy intelligence, but for reinforcements too. Out of over 9600 men, only 1200 survived, and the damage to Morale was border line irreversible, so the assistance of the Commissariat and the Ecclesiarchy was in demand too. The Munotorium denied that their intelligence was flawed beyond belief, but as a form of repayment, the Munotorium supplied the Harkus men with Priests, Commissars and reinforcements. But Fergor asked for one more thing, that the new formed Regiment be renamed after their dead comrades, and as the Hark forces united, they would be called the 7th Harkus, after the effective loss of most of the 1st Hark army.

[size=9pt](The 1st Harkus Army - slaughtered at Restafae III.)[/size]


Thought for the Day: Thank the Emperor for the Imperial Guard!

::The 7th Harkus - Through the Fires of War!::
::Chapter Four - The Revenge, and the Change::

The 7th Harkus were yet again to be let down by the Munotorium, this time due to the incredible lack of reinforcements. The 7th Harkus had received only one Regiment as reinforcement, and that Regiment was the 87th Mordian. It was said, that when the Mordian Commanding Officer named Colonel Vernaal Hask met Colonel Fergor Krane, that Krane burst out laughing and said "You are the reinforcements!? God, Emperor we have lost already" and as a result of his defeatist attitude, Colonel Hask almost shot Krane on the spot, were it not for the Mordian Regimental Commissar preventing him. Instead, the Mordian Commissar known as Abbott Riiken suggested that Colonel Krane was to step down, and that Colonel Hask was to have overall control over the campaign, and as such Krane and Hask agreed, although many could tell that Hask would have still preferred to shoot Krane.

Within the following weeks the 7th was restored back into fighting order, and Colonel Hask had already coordinated an effective plan. Colonel Hask knew that the Tyranids numbers were substantially large, but that the Fleet was now border line feral as they starved from being trapped on Restafae III and unable to kill of the well dug in, but frustrated PDF and Guard forces. Hasks plan was simple, draw the bulk of the Tyranids force into a killing field, using a lightly armed force as a lure, the Tyranids would be then pinned by long-range artillery, then bombarded from orbit. Any stragglers would be seen off with the 7th and the 87th.

The plan had worked, within the day they landed the Tyranids panicked (if they can?) from the artillery, and with the order given, Colonel Krane bombarded the entire Tyranid Force, effectively destroying them and winning the battle. Krane himself had lead from the front, and beat back the Tyranid survivors, a number of them falling to his blade. With the Tyranids eradicated after months of bloodshed and grief, the 7th Harkus had been transformed into a proper Imperial Guard Regiment. Colonel Hask personally rewarded Krane and his men for their bravery, Krane was rewarded for his outstanding performance on the front lines, a select few troopers who had out shone themselves through some dangerous, yet brave act, and the others were rewarded for facing down a foe of unimaginable horror.

The 7th Harkus today are known and feared as ferocious hand-to-hand fighters, from experience from fighting the Tyranids the 7th practice a harsh raceme of close quarter fighting. They are also known for taking in Sanctioned Psykers to protect the 7th's Command, and many of the Troopers in the 7th use Autoguns over Lasguns, trusting its rather crude, yet effective method of ripping its enemies apart. The 7th have fought alongside the Mordian 87th for years, and picking up some of the Mordians excessive habits of soldiering and the determination to fight to the end. But the 7th's legacy does not stop here, even today, as you read this text they will no doubt be fighting for Emperor and Imperium.

Lest we forget, all hail the 7th Harkus!


Thought for the Day: Take pride in your colours, let the enemy see there undoing!

What do the 7th Harkus look like? Well, I mainly play on a CoD board, so something along the lines of this:

[size=9pt](Guardsman Terrman - 7th Harkus.)[/size]


[size=14pt]::Army Lists::[/size]


[size=14pt]::Battle Reports::[/size]






[Note: All of this work has been produced by my Older Brother Anton.]

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Default Re: 8th Harkus ~ Compilation of Tactics, Campaigns etc...

I do like the story line but there is a fault,

why would the Officio Munititorium build factories to produce arms and Armour on a Hive world? don't they have Forge Worlds for that?

I'm sorry if i seem sceptical but it's always good to know your fluff
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