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What should I do?
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Default What should I do?

I have a decent amount of models 1600 pointsish. But I don't know what to get next.
I have two command squads, three Psykers, one commissar around thirty men, four heavy weapons teams, one sentential, one Russ and one demolisher. Any advice welcome ;D
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Default Re: What should I do?

Hmmm now that does'nt sound like 1600pts but um - more Infantry and Heavy Weapons would be advised I think, try posting an army list though in the appropriate section, people can give you better advice then.

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Default Re: What should I do?

can't go wrong with more infantry... gives you a lot more flexibility, turn them into special weapons squads or hardened veterans with a little customizing... or just increase your meat.

a chimera is another flexible one. give it to your command squads or make and armored fist or just roll around an dakka-dakka stuff.
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Default Re: What should I do?

30!? Why so few? Definetly buy more nfantry and take an infantry platoon/conscript platoon.

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Default Re: What should I do?


I saw your list on the other post.

You need infantry. And as it stands, drop the drop troops doctrine and go with CoD. Or get more infantry, drop the Grenadiers, and use them as regular Storm Troopers.
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