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IG vrs. Tau
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Default IG vrs. Tau

What are some stratagies that IG can use to defeat Tau?
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Default Re: IG vrs. Tau

Human wave, march foward with masses of conscripts and have your normal and elite troops behind. Well you do this bombard them with griffions or heavy mortors. Kill tanks with deepstriking spec wepon squads.

How ever I bet your list isn't just like this would be so... Could you show your list, or your models?
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Default Re: IG vrs. Tau

Originally Posted by orkkrusher
What are some stratagies that IG can use to defeat Tau?
The main tactic I have always used against the blueskins is simply to outshoot them.
Massed autocannons and lascannons are the works against these guys.
Heavybolters are great as well, hitting them hard, outranging them and denying them armour saves are the ways to go.

Drop troops are not recommendable. Sure you may take out some of their armour, if they field some, but then you will have your men in the open. With nowhere to go.
I have seen it done on a couple of times. The first time, they took out one Hammerhead and a Devilfish, then Kroots simply tore them apart, squad by squad. They did not even halt the main firepower. The second time, they were simply shot to crap by rapidfiring pulseweaponry, then torn apart by Kroot.

The Tau might have bigger guns than us, but we have so many, many more of them. And we also know how to use them.
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Default Re: IG vrs. Tau

Limited use of drop troopers, primarily armed with meltaguns or plasma rifles can be quite useful. You can insert them in a good location to kill his suits, be they broadside, crisis or stealth. In the last game I had against Tau it was the only way I could deal with a uinit of stealth suits that kept burst cannoning my infantry units and hopping behind cover. So I recommend deep striking stormies. They also have the armour to survive pulse rifles better than our normal troops.

Oh, and hellhounds. Hellhounds own Tau very badly. Take one, or two if you have them.

Mech Tau are a different story. I haven't had the fortune of playing them yet.
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Default Re: IG vrs. Tau

A SIGAFH would be nice.

SIGAFH= Shooty Imperial Gaurd Army From Hell.

Basically, have a masive static line and shoot hte living daylights out of the TAu.
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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Default Re: IG vrs. Tau

which tau? static or mech? mech is the most common where i play. what i do against it? try very, very hard to pop those transports first turn! some people like to hide their devilfishes, so you can try to pop it with an earthshaker round if you feel lucky! or perhaps an allied callidus assasin can pull battlesuits into the open.

other than that, odds are good its gonna come down to a shooting match. try to put as many of your men as possible into cover, so that they can survive the pulse-fire.

hellhounds.. they sure would work if facing static tau. they also do a heck of a number on eldar! both dark and regular! although it can seriously mess up DE transports.... ok stopping now.
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Default Re: IG vrs. Tau

I usually bring a Griffin or two and SIGAFH them to death. Easy win.
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Default Re: IG vrs. Tau

Basalisks are gonna be a huge friend to you here. They can take out crisis suits, stealth suit, as well as enemy vehicles. Not to mention they dont have to expose teir squishy selves to the railguns. I recommend taking at least two of them. Several heavy bolter platoons can go a long way towards keeping the fire warriors in check. If he plays mech tau put as many lascannons in your list as points allow, taking out his skimmers is vital and it takes a huge commitment of anti-tank firepower so the more you have the better.

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