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Imperials Unite! The Imperial Guard Clan has begun!
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Old 25 Feb 2007, 23:11   #1 (permalink)
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Default Imperials Unite! The Imperial Guard Clan has begun!

Enemies like the Eldar and the Archenemy have begun to unite themselves in clans and factions. Gathering strength whilst we sit around and do nothing...

Well I cannot simply stand around and watch them overpower the glorious fist of the Emperor! Unite! Unite and bring about salvation! I myself as a simple Enginseer of Mars am appauled that you have yet to take up arms!

If it must be, then we must appoint a Warmaster to unite the regiments of Cadian, Catachan, Krieg and the like!

RAISE YOUR BANNERS! YOUR GUNS AND BLADES! We shall burn all enemies of mankind...but we need you...

ok...moral raising speeches aside, we really should have an IG Clan like Chaos is doing. our own little way of saying 'no enemy shall break the Imperium of Man'

Maybe a system with Warmaster, Generals, then each Regimental leaders or something like that. IDEAS?
Originally Posted by Fish Ead
I can go either way.
Originally Posted by Cicero - 55 BC
"The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance."
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Default Re: Imperials Unite! The Imperial Guard Clan has begun!

I don't get it. I've never been in a clan, but my understanding is that they comprise a group of people that share a common hobby and engage in it online as a team. We're already grouped together as Imperial Guard players here on these forums, and we engage in our common hobby the best way we can given our geographical locations by chatting with one another about it, posting battle reports and showing off our minis. What are you suggesting we do different?
Originally Posted by Colonel_Sanders
When all was finished, the battlefield was a smoking crater. UDC, Valoran, US Army, Tau, the Nazis, a random pirate ship, and a bunch of ninjas, all were enemies to the Vulture. All were turned into scrap metal. Or plastic. Depends which game system you play.
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Default Re: Imperials Unite! The Imperial Guard Clan has begun!

just grab a lasgun and roll lots of dice... even if we lose, we can just conscript more. i feel a nice little brotherhood here on the Guard forum... we all know what we're doing, know what we're talking about, and share our questionable wisdom in circles of respectful camaraderie... i guess that makes it a clan... but if you really want to assign ranks and jobs and stuff can i be the guy who peels potatoes in The barracks kitchens, cuz i am kinda scared of the kult o speed so i dont really want the heavy weapon ammo bearer job...
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Default Re: Imperials Unite! The Imperial Guard Clan has begun!

No, there will be none of this clan stuff in here. All the chaos clans were merged into one big spam thread, and that is what this would become.


If you have anything to add to this thread, that makes it worth unlocking, please PM me.
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.
-Will Durant
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