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Tactica: Imperial Armour Vehicals (UPDATED: Flyers)
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Default Tactica: Imperial Armour Vehicals (UPDATED: Flyers)

I just love me copy of IA1 so I thought I'd write a Tactica and try to contribute back to T.O.

Geared towards beginners.



Many people have heard about Imperial Armour Volume 1, or IA1 as it is called, but few actually own the book or know a good deal about its stunning and amazing vehicals. This is cheifly due to its hefty price tag, over $100 U.S, and the fact that many of the vehicals arn't tournament legal. Even with the price tag, you will be garunteed to find more than enough fun from it just for friendly games or simply looking at the marvolous illustrations and diagrams.

Imperial Armour Volume 1 contains rules for no less than 32 vehicals, complete with diagrams, drawings, statistics, point costs, and colour schemes. Below, in brief, are a list of the Vehicals, a description, and their tactical use.

Battle Tanks

Leman Russ Battle Tank: Named for the Space Wolves Primarch, the good old Leman Russ Battle Tank, more commonly reffered to simply as the Leman Russ, is the workhorse of the Imperial Guard. It is a simple design, but one that has stood the test of time, leading to dozens of different patterns of the vehical. It mounts a battle cannon, a strong ordnance weapon with a very nice range, a mandatory hull heavy bolter or lascannon, and the option of either flamer or heavy bolter sponsons. The L.R is often used in a longrange fire support/ anti-horde configuration with three heavy bolters, giving it both survivability and good amounts of firepower after it has suffered an 'Armament Destroyed' result.

Leman Russ Demolisher: The Leman Russ Demolisher is the second most common variation of the Leman Russ, exchanging the Battle Cannon for a short-range, low- ap value Demolisher Cannon that exceeds in killing large numbers of Space Marines. The Demolisher also allows the player to take higher-strength sponsons, such as Plasma Guns and Multi Meltas in addition to Heavy Flamers and Heavy Bolters. It has an increased side armor value, letting it participate in flanking moves more easily. Since the demolisher has to get up-close and personal, it is best used with supporting troops on the ground. The L.R.D. is also a Codex: Imperial Guard choice.

Leman Russ Vanquisher: Although the fantastic IA1 ammo rules make the Leman Russ a decent tank-hunter, the Vanquisher really excells at this task using its unique Vanquisher Cannon. Best used in Armoured Battlegroups and Armoured Companies with Tank Aces and Commanders to make use of the increased BS, the Vanquisher allows the tank to use its BS for hitting enemy tanks and roll 2d6 for armor penetration, using its extra range to anihilate other tanks without fear of retribution. It is, however, about 30% more expensive than the Lemen Russ, making it best used as a specialist tank as opposed to run-of-the-mill troop type. It has the same hull and sponson options as the L.R.B.T.

Leman Russ Extrerminator: As a cheaper horde-killer alternative to the Leman Russ Battle Tank, the Exterminator mounts twin-linked autocannons in the turret instead of a battle cannon. It is most often used with the 3-bolter combination for hull and sponsons, making it purely decimating against hordes of GEQ's. It may take a lascannon instead of a heavy bolter in the hull but this is not adviseable.

Leman Russ Conqueror: An exact copy of the Leman Russ save the turret, the Conqueror is a true cavalry tank. Since its lower-strength Conqueror cannon is not ordnance, it may fire on the move more accuratley, though it does suffer in strength and range as a result. Not a very popular choice since the Vehical shooting+movement rules have been updated to allow ordnance weapons to fire on the move, albeit at a lower accuracy.

Leman Russ Executioner: Like the Conqueror, an executioner is simply a L.R.B.T. with a Plasma Destoryer instead of a battlecannon. Even though it is a good bit more expensive than the standard pattern Russ, it is a good cavalry tank option seeing as the Plasma Destroyer has both good range and strength without ordnance status.

Destroyer Tank Hunter: The Laser Destroyer uses a Leman Russ hull to mount a powerful Laser Destroyer gun in the front part of the hull. The tank fills a similar role as the vanquisher, although the Laser Destroyer has a higher strength. The tank may take no other weapons. It has a similar range to the Lemen Russ.

Thunderer Siege Tank: Comparable to a poor man's demolisher or vindicator, the thunderer uses a Destroyer hull to mount a single Demolisher Cannon.

Super-Heavy Tanks

Baneblade: The Baneblade is the biggest, most powerful tank the Imperial Guard can use, and is likewise the most expensive. The tank is a multi-structure point (Basically wounds for vehicals) war machine, capable of targetting each of its weapons independently, firing ordnance and moving, tank shocking more effectivley (including making CC attacks), and mounting no less than 6 heavy bolters, 2 lascannons, one autocannon, one battlecannon and a hull demolisher cannon. Unfortunatley this comes at a price, over 600 points for the base vehical, and it may only move 6" a turn and turn up to 90 degrees. Neverhteless it is a powerful tank, with high armor values that make it a beast to destroy. As an added bonus, a Baneblade bought from Forgeworld has its own, unique identification number, just like the highly prized baneblades in 40k.

Shadowsword: The shadowsword mounts the arguably most powerful gun in 40k- the Volcano Cannon. It has a range comparable to the Basilisk, desimates enemy war machines, and packs a strength 10 punch unheard of in the guard. A good deal cheaper than the Baneblade, it features just three weaons: the volcano cannon, and two twin linked heavy bolters, though it does have targeters for higher accuracy. It has all the bonuses of being a super-heavy; better tankshock, better targetting, and reduced movement. Like the baneblade, the model comes with a unique ID number, and has a fully detailed interior.

Stormblade: The stormblade, a knock-off of the shadowsword, fills a similar role: war machine hunting. Unfortunatley the Plasma Blastgun doesn't feature the massive range or strength of the volcano cannon, though the tank does cost a few points less. It has no targeters. It carries two lascannons in addition to the heavy bolters seen on the shadowsword, and possess all the goodies of being a super-heavy.

Stormsword: Another knock-off of the shadowsword, the stormsword adds Heavy Flamers to the Heavy Bolters (with an added hull mounter version), looses the targeters capability. It gains, however, an impressive siege cannon, though the range is a mere 36", it does have amazing strength and AP values, and is titan-killing. All the bells and whistels of being a super-heavy apply, but the Stormsword carries no point benifit from the Shadowsword. Best for cityfights.

Siege, Artillery, and Emplacements:

Basilisk: The standard (Much to many people's dismay) Guard Artillery piece, as Codex: Imperial Guard. It boasts the longest range of any gun in 40k save unlimited-range missiles and the Manticore Missile System. Capable of indirect firing an astounding 240", the Basilisk can send high strength shells amazing distances for the price of two guard squadrons. Disliked by many because of its inappropriate range for a normal 40k game, it is beloved by others for its fantastic style and graceful 132 mm cannon.

Griffin Heavy Mortar Carrier: Arguably the most-loved artillery piece in the IG arsenal, the Griffin trades the Bassie's remarkable range for cheapness and no minimum range for indirect fire. The griffin can be given Infernus shells to make enemies fall back automatically, Siege shells to destory bunkers and their inhabitants, or be used with normal shells to destory infantry from cover.

Medusa Siege Gun: The Medusa is one of the few S10 wepaons the guard can field, but it comes at a price: The Medusa is significantly more expensive than either the Basilisk or the Griffin and has only a 36" range, which makes it unliked by players. It has similar effects on fortifications as the Griffin's Siege Shells.

Hydra Flak Tank: Another variety in the group of Chimera-based artillery pieces, the Hydra trades heavy artillery for two twin linked long barreled autocannons on an anti-aircraft mount, giving the autocannon an astonishing 72" range. Since it is an AA mount, it is excellent agains aircraft. Even though it is tailor-made for stopping death from above, it is perfectly capable of mowing down hordes of infantry.

Manticore Missile System: The Manticore is a missile launcher. It has astounding range, 300" max, though it is coupled with a high 36" minimum guess all the time making it unpopular for normal games. It costs a good amount, comparable to the medusa, and can only fire 4 times each game. Even so, it is a aesthetically appealing model.

Emplacements: Either the Earthshaker Cannon (Basilisk), Hydra or Manticore can be mounted on a platform, saving points but sacrificing their mobility. They may take a Trojan as a transport option, though it still takes a minimum of three turns to move a platform. Since these tanks rarely move anyway, with good deployment the lack of mobility shouldn't be a problem.

Tarantula Sentry Gun: The sentry gun is one of the cheapest ways to get firepower in the guard army, at just 15 points a pop, but takes major hits to do so. The Tarantula has low AV, and is destroyed by any penetrating or glancing hit, and has a low BS. Even worse, it has a max range of a mere 24" over a 90 degree area, and only 12" if deployed for all-around fire. They are three-per-FOC slot, though, and as such can be used as a cheap heavy support option.

Turret Emplacemetns: In any game that Fortifications are allowed the IG player may take turret emplacements. Thee weapons, which are essentially a tank turret on a strong-armoured immobile base, allow for realitivley cheap firepower. The base cost is 80 points, though, so the weapon must be selected carefully. The options include TL heavy bolters, heavy flamer, Battle cannons, multi lasers, lascannons, autocannons, TL autocannons, plasma cannons, plasma destroyers, missile launchers, multi meltas, demolisher cannons, vanquisher cannons, and inferno cannons.


Lightning Fighter: One of the cheapest aircraft avalible and armed with a mere three weapons (1 long barrled autocannon and two lascannons), the lightning is by all means an air-supriority fighter, though it could fufill a tank hunting role if (up to) 4 hellstrike missiles are added underwing. Not a good choice unless you know you will be facing other flyers.

Thunderbolt Fighter: At a few more points than a lightning or a vanquisher tank, the Thunderbolt excels at both the air supriority or ground attack roles. Carrying two autocannons and two lascannons, it is perfect for either attacking enemy armor or flyers, and can be upgraded to carry four hellstrike missiles or bombs. This is a slightly better choice than the lightning if only for volume of fire against ground targets, and the ability to carry bombs.

Marauder Bomber: The marauder bomber will inevitably find itself bombing hordes of infantry (even though it has twin-linked lascannons in the nose, with twin linked heavy bolters, and twin linked heavy bolters in the tail), simply because of the fantastic amount of bombs it can carry. In the bombbay it can carry 12 normal bombs or 6 heavy bombs, and an additional 12 bombs on wing pylons! That's up to 24 S4 blast templates! The Marauder is also a super-heavy flyer, meaning it must be taken in its own detatchment- a status reflected in its high points cost, even though it has no better armor than its fighter cousins.

Marauder Destroyer: The Marauder Destroyer is an adapted version of the marauder bomber with better ground attack characteristics. In the nose it mounts three twin linked autocannons and a twin-linked heavy bolter. The tail mount is replaced by twin-linked assault cannons, perfect for straifing the target after it's been passed. All of that normal firepower comes at a steep price, though, the marauder can carry only six normal bombs, though it can carry 8 hellsstrike missiles on the wings. Just like the marauder it is a super-heavy flyer, and gains no armor benifit from it.

Valkyrie: The Valkyrie is the flying Chimera of the Imperial Guard. It is a transport option for storm troopers, and like the chimera must pay for weapons and weapon upgrades. At base, it carries a hull multi-laser and door mounted heavy bolters (counts as sponsons for all intensive purposes). The Multi laser can be upgraded to a lascannon, possibly a good choice to support the stormtroopers against armor, and the fuel tanks can be upgraded to two hellstrike missiles (again perfect for supporting the lascannon) or two multiple rocket pods (essentially two bombs a turn up to 24" away, but at a steep price). In addition, the Valkyrie has a major advantage to other flyers: using VTOL hover mode it can stay in play for more than one turn.

Vulture: The Vulture, similar in design to the Valkyrie, is simply a support gunship. Since it looses the transport capacity it takes a significant decrease in cost, and carries a nose heavy bolter and two wing hardpoints. Each one carries external fuel tanks, or a variatey of other options: Hardpoint one can be upgraded to twin lascannons, twin missile launchers, twin autocannons, twin multi lasers, or 2 multiple rocket pods. Hardpoint 2 can be upgraded to 2 bomb racks of 3 heavy bombs, 2 bomb racks of 3 heavy smart bombs, 2 missile racks of 3 HK missiles, 2 multiple rocket pods, or 2 hellstrike missiles.


More to come, including Transports and Light Vehicals


Thanks to Tom for pointing out my mispelling of "Leman"
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Default Re: Tactica: Imperial Armour Vehicals

You've also missed out the Leman Russ Annihilator.
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Default Re: Tactica: Imperial Armour Vehicals

Originally Posted by Stella Cadente
You've also missed out the Leman Russ Annihilator.
This is IA1, so I won't be covering it.
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Default Re: Tactica: Imperial Armour Vehicals

Any good advice for using aircraft would be especially welcome if you've had a chance to use them yourself.
Originally Posted by Colonel_Sanders
When all was finished, the battlefield was a smoking crater. UDC, Valoran, US Army, Tau, the Nazis, a random pirate ship, and a bunch of ninjas, all were enemies to the Vulture. All were turned into scrap metal. Or plastic. Depends which game system you play.
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Default Re: Tactica: Imperial Armour Vehicals

Unfortunatley, I havn't. I've read the rules though, so I can at least give my take on them. Right now I'm at school though so I don't have IA1 with me. Flyers will be here this afternoon!
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