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1000pt IG tourny army help.
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Default 1000pt IG tourny army help.

Hello!, i need a little help, im going to the conflict tourny in edinburgh in march and im testing my armys i have a SW one and a Tau one but i have tested a IG one and its faired MUCH better, im not so good at writing everything down on this so ill give you a brief overview of what the army consists of

Command Platoon - missle launcher

Special weap team - Demo charge

2 x AT teams - 3 LC each

Infantry platoon - 25 men - 3 missle launchers - 3 nade launchers

Infantry platoon - 25 men - 3 missle launchers - 3 nade launchers


Demolisher - HB


So thats what ive play tested so far its beat down a Speed freak army without a casulty and it beat a word bearer army twice only losing about 500 pts each time, i have to say ive been pretty impressed, i know i could go mega like some other folk that i know will be going with the 3 basilisk cheese but i really dont want to do that id rather use the Heavy weaps seems......better that way :

Any army lists for the IG would be very helpful since IG isnt my main army. Thanks

EDIT: Last year the battles were fought over tables that were quite small thats why i went for the Demolisher over a normal BT, as now it can move and fire.
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Default Re: 1000pt IG tourny army help.

the results of your game seem to have turned out really well. I think that you should move the heavy weapons out of your infantry platoons. I find that giving the squads one mobile special weapon (I like the grenade launcher) and the commands 4 special weapons (grenade launchers or melta guns) you can leave the heavy weapons to the heavy weapon squads and capture objectives with the infantry platoons. I find that this works really well.
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Default Re: 1000pt IG tourny army help.

Well your missing my 2 personal favorites of the ig army list.

Vetrans and roughriders.

Bolth have amazing power if used correctly. Infiltrating and speeding movement combined with havysuppoer and a nice gaurd firebase cant b stopped.

1 thing i perfer mobile gaurd with assault weps.

Say for each command platoon take the sgt with a stormbolter and since you like grenade launchers you can pair these up and have very nice mobile firepower.
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