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Needle sniper rifle?
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Default Needle sniper rifle?

for 'Scope' the sniper in last chancers, he has a "needle sniper rifle" what the hell is it?
i seach look, read everything i can find...and there are no rules, leading me to believe its just a regular sniper rifle. i find it useless for a single sniper...if he doesnt have a good AP value on his sniper, because regaurdless of re-rolling a failed wound, the armour save is still rolled! and the only good use of snipers is having alot, for a a sure 2-3 kills, hoping on just failed armour saves...but just one sniper? i dont want to believe its just a regular sniper rifle!

haha, clarify this for me. thanks.
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Default Re: Needle sniper rifle?

My understanding is that a needler sniper rifle is what the Eldar use. It fires a monofilament dart coated in deadly neurotoxins or something like that. It's probably more like the Space Marine scout sniper rifle though which is essentially a souped up lasgun and needler sniper rifle in one. The laser punches a hole in the armour and a poison needle follows it up, delivering the toxin directly into exposed flesh or an open wound.

Scope doesn't need a huge death-cannon sniper rifle to be an awesome sniper, he just needs to be skilled at delivering that lethal shot.
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Default Re: Needle sniper rifle?

Well I think it's just counted as a regular sniper rifle
but it might be a sniper rifle with the needle pistol traits (found in either the witch hunters or deamonhunters codex) but with the range of a sniper rile ?? I dunno...
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Default Re: Needle sniper rifle?

A sniper is still a sniper even if they use standard weapons. They're just much better at aiming and positioning themselves for the killing blow.
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Default Re: Needle sniper rifle?

A Needle-Sniper Rifle, or "Needler", is a low-powered lasweapon that uses laser-projection to fire a small "sliver" coated in toxins, ranging from powerful virulents to hallucinagenics. They lack the penetrative power of a Long-las, but the nature of their ammunition means even large targets can be brought low.
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: Needle sniper rifle?

It;s an artifact of an older edition's fluff.

For all intents and purposes it's just a sniper rifle.
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