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AC questions/tatica thoughts.
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Default AC questions/tatica thoughts.

I do not know if this belongs in a particular area so Mods please feel free to move this if I am wrong.

I am building a 2000 point AC list and have searched the forums for AC related topics. I still have some remaining questions.

1. one of my Elite choices is a Tank Ace in a Destroyer (BS 4 and I like the model) to go tank hunting and killing Terminators (played against a lot of SM players). My HQ is a LR Exterminator with 3 HBs. I was planning on spending the points on Ace Gunner for the Destroyer but would it be better on the Exterminator, or should I find the points to do both?

2. I have a Basilisk in my army and I was planning on using it for indirect fire until the range closed under 36" and then go direct fire. I was thinking that an Armored Crew Compartment would be good to have on it. What do you senior generals think?

3. I put HKMs on the 2 sentinels (ACC, AutoCannon, Smoke, Extra Armor) that are my fast attack. Is it really worth it? I could spend the 20 points on an additional doctrine (or 2 more stormtroopers).

For ref, my 2000 pt army is

HQ - Exterminator (TG, ExA, SL, RTMod, 3HB)
Elite - Destroyer Tank Ace (PMSB, TG, ExA, SL, RTMod)
- Engineer with 4 Tech Servitors
- 6 man storm trooper squad with a VSgt, PP, 2 PG, 3 HG
Troop - 4 Leman Russ (TG, ExA, SL, HBS, LC)
Fast Attack - 2 Sentinels
Heavy - Basilisk (TG, ACC, SL)

Required Chimeras have TG, ExA, SL, HHB, ML

Thanks for your feedback.

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