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2 questions to clear up some ambiguity
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Default 2 questions to clear up some ambiguity

could someone clear this up for me? I just notice that nowhere does it specify only 1 Macharian cross in the army list - like it says for the honorifica - but it does state that a single unit can be redeployed after deployment. Does this mean a single unit per cross (I've never used more than one before) or a single unit and only that unit, within range of one of multiple crosses?

the reason I ask is that you could, potentially hand off 1 unit from 1 cross to the next and get from 1 edge of the deployment zone to the other if you have 2 or 3 crosses to do keep handing off a squad down the line. or a command squad with a commissar and officer both have crosses... can they pull the bait and switch on themselves twice? ... arg this has me confused

An unrelated question... if you want lances for your roughriders do you HAVE to get them for the whole squad or MAY get them for the whole squad, hence allowing for a special weapon or something for instance while the rest have lances? The wording is confusing.
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Default Re: 2 questions to clear up some ambiguity

1) You could take multiple. It seems like an extraordinary lot of points to spend moving a single guard squad though. You can take them on commisar, and it doesn't appear that there are any restrictions on moving the officer's squad either.

2) I thought it was a whole-unit type upgrade. The GW software, however, allows them to be purchased on a per-model basis, and include special weapons. So, I'm sure you can get away with it.
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