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Last Chancers, how good they are???
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Default Last Chancers, how good they are???

Guys lloking at the codex the other dayHad soi started IG just a little ago and doing some small list already and inducted with my WH but i had start to buy more units for a full IG army and the other day recheck the last chancers, had somebody used the last chancers?? How efective they could be?? are they worth it for they hight cost???

Doing numbers just by taking Schaefer, kage and 20 last chancers and create 10 heavy weapons team with lasscannon, all this cost 630 points , yea to much do looking that they are BS 4 (hit on 3s not on the normal 4s), when are more than 16 last chancers counts as HQ and 2 troops and can infiltrate, plus you can crete up to 5 subunits with them by separating them in diferent groups to deploy around the table for better line of sight.

I believe if setup correctly (not all the squat for lasscannons) can create a very dangerous heavy unit with BS 4 (who said that IG was a peace of cra..... shoting?)

I had the curiosity of using them as a test with 3 leman russ >, hardened veterans and other special units (maybe add 1 platoon) to see what happen.

What you guys think??
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Last Chancers, how good they are???

They really aren't worth the points, a last chancer has the same stat line as a veteran except they get +1 attack and they cost 4 points more. Sure you can deploy em in squads of 3, but they'll drop like flies because guardsmen arent very tough in fact their the exact opposite of the meaning of tough, their strength lies in the number of guys you can field. 630 points can buy 98 guys, or 3 hellhounds,a leman russ, and a Chimera all kitted out with extra armour and track guards. 3 Leman russes w/lascannon, hvy bolter sponsons and extra armour and track guards is only 540 points and they'll do a lot more damage and last longer then 630 points of last chancers with lascannons.

98 guys with lasguns might not seem very threatening but at rapid fire range their throwing out about 196 shots.
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Default Re: Last Chancers, how good they are???

Seems to me it'd depend on how you used them. Used correctly they could be a powerful and characterful part of the army, used incorrectly a giant number of points tossed in the toilet.
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Default Re: Last Chancers, how good they are???

I have a feeling that they are only included in the codex as a bit of fun.Not meant to be totally serious.

Modelling and fluffy purposes only really. Although a fair few people may have a way to max their strengths - possibly with snipers?
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Default Re: Last Chancers, how good they are???

Snipers? That's what I was thinking.
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Default Re: Last Chancers, how good they are???

Best use for them is a squad of 20 plasma gunners.

Inflitrate then shoot them lots.

No more marines.

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Default Re: Last Chancers, how good they are???

Originally Posted by Shas'Vre GeekyGator [is glad T.O. is back up!
link=topic=37670.msg1058196747#msg1058196747 date=1168296559]
Snipers? That's what I was thinking.
snipers good. independant squads of 2 w a flamer or demo each is also fun. the Last Chancers are more for theme games, or really big armies where the ludicrous points cost is not as big a margin on your total force. i think they are awesome, personally... and a way for anybody to make a legal guard army with 1 box of minis and a lot of time to customize... just remember to name them all for good luck.

but have fun with your last chancers, they bring the magic to the game because they are all unique and can consist of whatever you can think up. a modeller's paradise, a tactician's challenge, and colonel schaefer always makes me think of 'Hannibal' from the A-Team. they should make a Mr. T figure to represent Kage.
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Default Re: Last Chancers, how good they are???

my personal favorite set-up: 5 subunits, each consisting of one deepstriking model armed with a demo charge. KAMAKAZE!!!! (forgive me if my spelling is incorrect)
And that's a penetrating hit to the rear. ... giggity!

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Default Re: Last Chancers, how good they are???

Last chancers can also all be psykers making the unit really dangerous if you roll well for their TWENTY psychic powers. Personally i wouldnt do this, as i consider it powergaming.

I use a unit of Last chancers as an assault unit in my guard, army all armed with laspistols and chainswords. The number of attacks mean they can go toe to toe with marines and generally win. I also put the sergeant of any unit that runs off the table in the chancers in their next game as this fits in with the fluff. Also add a few hvy weapons in a separate the squad into subunits to support the assaulting troops.
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