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'31st Armiger Regiment' History, Joint with Farseer Tyross.
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Default '31st Armiger Regiment' History, Joint with Farseer Tyross.

Formation of the 'Warp Daemon' and '31st Armiger' Regiment alliance

On the homeworld of Agramah the vast hordes of chaos emerged from within the warp storm and spread destruction through the dense main city 'Byrin,' as the planets home regiment the 31st Regiment was naturally assigned the task of defending the city and the planet. However, the armies vast size reached into the millions despite its young age it was still severely under equipped for such a defense against the Chaotic Hordes and Daemons.

Colonel Klavinski made a dramatic defense of the city but his troopers were still under Cadet status, during an assault made by the Chaos at 'Rution' during the period M87.113E, The 31st Regiment was all but destroyed, With his force near defeat Col Klavinski scrambled aboard his battle cruiser 'Eliptus' and began an emergency transmition for assistance from all available sources.

The Transmission read :

This is Colonel-Klavinski, Requesting major assistance, Reference L396.962F, Planet control lost and my force is depleted, Say again, Requesting major assistance from all available units! Can anyone answer this call!? Colonel-Klavinski, Over!

The transmission was intercepted and received by Inquisitor Holt, aided by the 'Warp Daemons,' who accepted the request for aid and mobilised their units to assist. Upon his arrival to Agramah Holt assumed command of Colonel Klavinski's depleted force and added his own to gain a minor foothold on what existed of the city.

Inquisitor Holt ordered Klavinski to reform his men into a Siege and Assault unit, equipping him with a fresh supply of Demolisher tanks, Valkyrie transport ships and Anti-Gravitational Drop Chutes from the nearby forgeworld 'Grolith'.

However Klavinski resented the order to reform his regiment, refusing to follow his instructions and Inquisitor Holt brought Klavinski before an Imperial Guard judicial hearing for his offence against the Imperium. Luckily for Colonel Klavinski, Chief Librarian Mars Aran was on board Holt's battlebarge 'Impervious Faith' and forbode Holt to execute Klavinski out of hand as he forsaw a far greater use in the Chapters own redemption. As of current, Colonel Klavinski is being held in a cell within the Adeptus Arbite fortress on Armiger, awaiting his sentence by the Imperial Court.

Inquisitor Holt handed command of the new '31st Armiger Siege and Assault Regiment' to Junior Officer McGrath, Holt still has overall strategic command of the regiment but leaves company command and assigned tasks to the individual officers of his command to fulfil under their own organisation.

Agramah is still recovering from the damage done by the warp storm and continued to fight for 16 months after the initial attack launched from the warp storm, Holt and his army continue to secure the future of the planet by sealing up the warp storm, It is predicted that Agramah will never return to full population as records have been lost but Holt garrisons hes returning forces on Agramah to futher secure the world, Under Holt's command it is also said that the '31st' regiment will contain one of the largest operational urban fighting force of the Imperium.


Thats it so far guys, what do you think?
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