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Colonel Tye of the 240th Milroyan
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Default Colonel Tye of the 240th Milroyan

This is my favorite figure:

Commissar Tye is a long story - in fact as well as in fiction. I got the figure eons ago when I bought a set of used plastic guardsmen (my first ever guard figs) for 'Rogue Trader' rules. This must have been around 1993. He was a lead commissar figure, and considerably smaller than the modern commissars, and his hat was actually proportioned to his head. I bought him from a guy who is still on these forums (i think) under the name 'squiggs'. I paid $1 for him.

He was a funny little figure with a trench coat, boots, hat, and this ridiculous necktie that we all just thought was too funny to pass up. The figure had no arms, but came with a sprue of generic plastic guard arms identical to the ones you get in the ancient 30 man box set (they look like cadians but with big heads).

btw... if you take the time to notice the heavy bolter team in the background, you will see that the gunner's mate (ammo guy, whatever) is pointing at the gunner. i love this fig cuz on the back of the base are scripted the words "ha!ha! you totally missed, dude!"

Commissar Tye lost his arms many times and has had them replaced on several occasions. He also spent a few years in a box with assorted space-hulk boards, blood bowl figures, and 15mm historical figures in the basement at my mother's house while I was busy galavanting around the world and had priorities apart from gaming. Commissar Tye was all but forgotten for almost a decade.

About 3 years ago my big brother got into 40k. And boy did he ever get into 40k! Practically overnight it seemed that he finally learned how to paint, learned the rules, and built a game table. I remember emailing him a couple of times about army ideas. Some of you may know him as Redbeard, and he is the meanest tactician in the universe, and an awfully good painter and I strongly recommend anyone to check out his stuff in the gallery or read his words of wisdom in the forums.

At the time, I was not at all interested in 40k except for nostalgia - and I had this truckload of spacemarines, rhinos, oldschool terminators and scouts, left-over from my war years - all painted up silver and red and laying dormant in the box with Commissar Tye. So I gave my brother a space marine army, a handful of random eldar, genestealers, and whatever else was in the box (Colonel Tye for instance) for a birthday present that year.

Last year I came home. I started playing 4th ed. with my bro and he managed to get me enough guard figs for a workable army. While we were playing around with his witch-hunters list and digging through figures I noticed Commissar Tye and I was like "Dude! No Way!" I had completely forgotten about him. But there he was... with new arms... new paintjob... and my bro had strapped a powersword accross his back and a gold plated plasma pistol in his hand.

When I moved to Washington, my bro shipped me my guard stuff from my recent revisit to 40k and put him in the box too - and I realised that with the new commissars having such a different look - much bigger hats and all - Commissar Tye would be far more suitable as a Colonel than as a Commissar.

Enter Colonel Tye... (retired Commissar)


The cool thing is that all of this translates neatly into a fluff story:

a veteran commissar requisitioned into a new regiment, gets his arms blown off, replaced, blown off, replaced. Then he is put in cryogenic sleep, reawakened by spacemarines a considerable time later, and asked to lead a Guard regiment in honor of his considerable experience.

The parallels are just way too easy.


here's Colonel Tye:

Heroic Senior Officer statline
master crafted power sword (it's gold plated!)
master crafted plasma pistol (it's gold plated too!)
bionics (4th replacement set of arms)
trademark item (bright red necktie)
carapace armor (under the trench coat of course)
macharian cross (he did pull off some amazing stunts in his prime)
medallion crimson (the blown off arms issue earned him that)

he has 100 points of wargear

On top of that, he and his squad are Die Hards, Hardened fighters, Sharpshooters, and he has Iron Discipline. So he takes up 4 doctrine slots and 35 more points just to be cool.

His entourage includes 3 veteran guardsmen who also have bionics, wear carapace and carry bolters and swords - one of them carries a standard with a big red tie on the flag, and a medic who wears a carapace and carries a storm bolter and a sword is always by his side (he is an old man after all). They all have mohawks. They are blood relatives of the colonel (2 sons and 2 nephews).

(these figures are also ancient salvage recovered from the same era when Tye was in his box... they are actually 'capitol free marines' from Heartbreaker Hobbies line for the warzone game that is now out of print... they look much cooler than guardsmen and their guns make pretty convincing bolters)

Colonel Tye and his squad cost 252 points, and using him gives the army the doctrines die hard, hardened fighters, sharpshooters, iron discipline.

He is a nice, kindly old man with a neatly trimmed white beard. However he is and always will be a warrior and he suffers not the xenos nor the spawn of chaos to exist in his galaxy and he fights because he must.

The 240th Milroyian is a name derived from our street address here.
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Default Re: Colonel Tye of the 240th Milroyian

can I see a picture of him?

He sounds like quite a character.

EDIT: Hmm... "Colonel Tye" eh, does he have a friend named "Captain Adama?"
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Default Re: Colonel Tye of the 240th Milroyian

Originally Posted by Colonel_Sanders
can I see a picture of him?

He sounds like quite a character.

EDIT: Hmm... "Colonel Tye" eh, does he have a friend named "Captain Adama?"
haha good uncanny knack for the obvious... but no... no adamas. because battlestar is like 40k with too little steroids....

i had considered the parallel but i have had Tye for so long that the advent of a new tv show could hardly cause me to forsake his origional character's name just to be different. i will try for a pic of Tye and his nephews and sons, but owning no camera of my own, this may take a bit.
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