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Imperial Guard Child-Orderly
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Default Imperial Guard Child-Orderly

This came to me in a dream...

The Child-Orderly is a piece of wargear. Despite its name, it can cover a whole host of interesting and disturbing things, from child-slaves, child-servitors, cheribum, psyber-eagles or whatever else your alcohol-fuelled mind dreams up.

A SO or HSO may be given a Child-Orderly at +10pts.

The Child-Orderly does not have an individual model (he hides behind his Officer in terror during the game, and presumably finds a nice hole to hide in during combat...).

The Child-Orderly is armed with a Laspistol, and has a Bs of 2. He may fire in the shooting phase so long as his Officer is able to fire.

In addition, due to the Child-Orderly's instinctive habit of screaming loudly whenever something bad happens, the Officer gains +1 Initiative from the prior-warning the fear-striken lad provides.

The Child-Orderly should be modelled onto the Officer's base, preferably being used as a footstool, coat-hanger, bookcase or whatever other mean things you can dream up.
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Default Re: Imperial Guard Child-Orderly

That's evil. I love it. >
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Default Re: Imperial Guard Child-Orderly

So evil, yet so awesome...

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Default Re: Imperial Guard Child-Orderly

So horrible and mean. What purpose does it serve? (well other than the obvious purpose of torturing little children)....

some optional rules:

1: babysitter: any turn that the squad has to roll a leadership check, one model cannot perform any action other than consoling the little brat.

2: feed him to the aliens: a child orderly can be sacrificed in place of any other squad member during the close combat phase

3: break your miniatures: any regiment utilizing child orderlies is not subject to the normal rules for appropriate weapons modeled on a miniature, as they are all broken anyways.

4: the 'whine' rule: once per game, the child throws a fit, and gets a reroll untill he gets the result he wants. This is highly unlikely to affect the outcome of the game, but does make the child feel better...

jeah.... i really love kids....
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