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What do humans eat?
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Default What do humans eat?

Having seen a post under the Tau board I wondered what the other races eat?

So what do humans eat? beef, grox-burger, grox-sausage, green beans? Or just anything we eat nowerdays?

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Default Re: What do humans eat?

It will vary quite highly from world to world, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was some administratum brand Solyent Green.
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Default Re: What do humans eat?

xenos for breakfast.
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Default Re: What do humans eat?

Humans eat Shurikens and Splinter ammunition.

And Grox.

I think its safe to assume that they pretty much eat futuristic equivalents of what we eat nowadays.
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Default Re: What do humans eat?

Depends on who you are:

If your a factory worker, you get an IV shoved up somewhere. You don't eat.

If your a soldier, you eat some sort of K-ration. Officers get more real food.

If your a big-shot, you get real food. Like today's food.
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Default Re: What do humans eat?

Breads, vegetables, meats. Just in general

Soldiers when on duty get soups, breads, biscuits and MRE's. Officers get the same thing basically.

Commanding officers get prepared meals and caffinated drinks.

Read some 40k novels, will give you some ideas.
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Default Re: What do humans eat?

Meals depends very in every aspect.
In Hive-cities, you get meals graded after which level of society you come from.
Grade A for the Spyrers grade H or lower for workers etc.
Guardsmen has field rations in forms of meal-sticks, insta-heat foodpacks etc.
Officers gets the best of the best: all from beef to egg and bacon.
Marines have meal-gruel in tubes when in combat. Or they eat anything they can produce energy from. Even wood or grass.

All in all, most meals do not differ too much from present society.
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Default Re: What do humans eat?

I'd imagine that IG rations are much like those in WWII/modern armies - which includes CHOCOLATE!

It does vary wildly from world to world, as well as your social status within that world's population. On, say, Necromunda, people living in the upper Hive would get luxury stuff. The 40k equivalent of the 3Cs: caviar, champagne and cocaine. People in Hive City eat what they're given - the leftovers from up above, ration packs not unlike the Imperial Guard, recycled dead people, stuff like that. In the Underhive it's even worse. They get the worst of Hive City's stuff, as well as all sorts of rats, cultivated or wild fungi, anything they can get their hands on really. Oh, and the king of all alcoholic drinks: Wildsnake.
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Default Re: What do humans eat?

A lot of the fluff talks about agri-farms, which would probably produce the same sort of stuff as modern farms. This is then shipped off to some food plant somewhere, injected with weird protein-supplements to make up for the lack of meat, shoved in a ration-pack and sent in supply ships to the IG regiments. The same sort of thing would happen for the peasentry, except they would just get it spooned out to them at their workplace, or get it through a tube plugged into your throat, whichever the case may be. Most however would just have to do the 40k equivalent of bin-raiding to get their food.
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Default Re: What do humans eat?

Hard to say what they eat, because the IOMFDA (The Imperium of Man Food and Drug Administorum) is always putting a ban on Grox meat and Spinach due to Chaos Taint
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