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Kroot Shaper
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Default cityfight/help.

To my persnonal opinion,I prefer assisans. But I need to know which are better! Snipers, or assisans? Imperial Gaurd Snipers can be the best in the game,[besides Eldar snipers] but assisans can like-kill the Night Bringer in one attack![exaggeration]Both are beasts ;D,But which one's better in 1000 point city fight battle. ???

Also I need to know how I should use my battle tank,just plow down' the road or use it for defense.
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Default Re: cityfight/help.

Okay.... IG human (not including Catachans) snipers are good, but not the best in the game.
Eldar ones have their AP1 hit and all that cover save stuff
Deathworld snipers have toxins and cover saves
Space Marine scout snipers have the advantage of lots of numbers.

Now if your talking about ratlings... then you have the smae advantage as the space marine scout ones

Assassins will find it extremly hard to take out a nightbringer. A sniper rifle could do it much better.

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Default Re: cityfight/help.

Well, the use of assasins differs EXTREMELY depending on which type of assasin you take...

as for the tank, I would probably use mine to cover lanes, taking advantage of the range of the Battle Cannon, and using the sponsons (this is the one of very few times that I would consider using Heavy Flamer sponsons...) to kill units that get close. Also, take advatage of terrain to show only your front armor if possible. This would also differ on whether you are using a standard Russ or a Demolisher. I would probably be more agressing with the Demolisher.
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