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new to IG, need help making list...
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Default new to IG, need help making list...

Ok, I'm new to IGs, if you haven't ascertained that from the topic name, and I'm trying to come up with an army list. I want at least 100 troopers, a storm trooper squad, and a bassie. Any ideas for the rest?


I forgot about doctrines, I was thinking along the lines of the Terrax Guard or the DKoK(don't have the money for the models, yet. )
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Default Re: new to IG, need help making list...

100 Troopers, A ST squad and a a Bassie... Hmm...

One major thing is how many points your looking for. If this is your first time with 40k I would suggest starting with 1,000 points.

Be warned, if your new to painting, each man will take about 30 minutes to do a decent paint job once you get good. An hour to do a stellar job. Your looking at many hundreds of hours of painting.


Well if you are that infantry-Focused you'll want to make sure they get to the target. I'm thinking for doctorines:

Restricted Troops: Storm Troopers
Restricted Troops: Conscripts
Close Order Drill (Its free and will be great for your conscripts)
Iron Discipline

As for the 5th, possibly Independent Comissars to go for a Non-Grenadier Terrax Guard theme, since they could give a much needed LD boost to the conscripts by joining the squad. You could also choose Drop Troops, since it is free to all the units.

So what your looking at is something like this:

Command Platoon, J.O.
Banner Carrier

Fire Support Squad*
Anti-Tank Squad*

*It is best to choose Lascannons and Heavy Bolters or Autocannons and Missile Launchers. Las and HB, Las takes out Vehicals and HB infantry, Auto and ML they can both do both. If you take equal amounts of each section the price balances out.

Storm Trooper Squad
Independent Comissars, 2 comissars

Infantry Platoon: J.O. Some special weapons
Infantry Squad
Infantry Squad

Conscript Platoon (50 Conscripts)

Infantry Platoon: J.O, SOme Special Weapons
Infantry Squad
Infantry Squad

COnscript Platoon (50 Conscripts)

Basilisk, Indirect Fire

Depending on what upgrades you take that is just about 1,000 points, with 140 Infantry. You can always trim off a few conscripts, a comissar (only need 2, 1 for each infantry squad), the special weapons, etc.

To take taht up to 1500 points, add:

Lemen Russ, Lascannon and Sponson HB

Infantry Platoon, J.O, some special weapons
Infantry Squad
Infantry Squad

Conscript Platoon, 50 conscripts

Another Independent Comissar

Take that as a guide though, as a way to get your troops and such. It probably wouldn't be a very effective list to be quite honest, since Conscripts can't be Drop Troops and all. It does (1500 point) get 210 Infantry men, though. You can Always take out the 3rd Infantry Platoon and Conscript Platoon, replace with Armoued Fist Squad (or Something) and have some poitns for more Fire Support and Anti-Tank squads or another Storm Trooper Squad (or better yet a vetran squad).

Again, just an idea. I'm not so sure how the bassie would perform with that much infantry, though. Once you get your troops close enough to be effective you don't want to be guessing the range and rolling scatter dice all around them, especially if you are using Close Order Drill. It would be a heck of a list to paint, but a fun list to play.
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Default Re: new to IG, need help making list...

one thing I'm never going to do is take conscrips... hate 'em. But I have played BT, and I'm doing Guard because of the immense number of models to paint, so I will get better w/ practice. My BT is a bunch of Ebay armies put together
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