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Naming My Regiment
Closed Thread
Old 26 Nov 2006, 00:22   #1 (permalink)
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Default Naming My Regiment

As I have said in my other topic I recently started an Imperial Guard army and have started to write some fluff, but I'm stuck on the Regiment's name! I've searched through a bunch of alternate lanquage dictionaries and I still can't find a cool name for my IG!

So, I came here hoping you all could help me with this. Specifically, how did you come up with your regiment's name?
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Default Re: Naming My Regiment

I just put some consonants and vowels together and came up with the 125th Galchinians, hailing from the harsh planet of Galchin.

They're Catachans with a different name, basically.
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Default Re: Naming My Regiment

Put a blindfold over your eyes and dunk each of your hands in a bucket. One of the buckets will be a number bucket, from this bucket you will randomly select three numbers and put them on a table in any order. Whatever pattern the numbers you chose are in will be their regimental number. The other bucket will be full of vowels and consonants. Pick 11 letters from this bucket. Take the blindfold off. Flip the letters around to your hearts content and get the best name out of them that you can in 30 seconds (get a friend to time you). This will be your regiment's name. For example:

425th Onrolicians (On-ah-roll-ish-ins).

It takes a little time to get everything set up, but in the end you have something that you feel isn't possibly your fault if it's stupid (which it probably will be, 'cuz it's dunkin' your hands in buckets for ideas), and if you even bothered with this you're the coolest guy I've ever met!
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Default Re: Naming My Regiment

How did I come up with the 1732nd City Sweepers? I looked at Urban Mammoth's Junker line, thought that they would make really cool urban IG and it just came to me.

Why not the 1677th Grail Knights? That sounds cool.
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Default Re: Naming My Regiment

Open up a big old atlas, find a state, and look at liittle city names. Eventually you'll find something cool to imperialize.

Did you know Valhalla (on top of being the Nordic hall of warriors) is a city in New York? Hell is a city in Grand Cayman?

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Default Re: Naming My Regiment

The 1171st Conscript Battalion came to me while drinking with my mates. The nickname 'Reglanders' came from a history book (I think?).

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Default Re: Naming My Regiment

Never hurts to look at the names of real military regiments and just adapt from there. I usually just take a name or "idea" and mess with it. My army is the 21st Vostroyan "Front Liners". Vostroyans was a given so i thought i would give em a little nick name. Take the fluff for our guard and come up with a suitable name according to that. Or go the random way.

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Default Re: Naming My Regiment

I generally use my Latin dictionary. For example, my snow-themed IG army, the 15th Funestans, are derived from the Latin word funestus, meaning snow. Seeing as how the Imperium uses a lot of Latin anyway it makes sense, plus you usually get good results. Also there is often more than one word for the same thing, so if one word doesn't sound right there's plenty to choose from.
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Default Re: Naming My Regiment

Ah i see none of you have ever discovered the secret Art of Ki-Ania-Fuud (trans:coming up with names for imperial guard regiments in Warhammer 40k)

First you must cut the root from a yibyo tree on the first blue moon of July, then leave it in a cauldron of playdoh for 3 months with a flame made from maple leaves (or maple syrup if necessary.
Then you mix this with a concoction of one of your most prized models and a small lump of solid gold.
Finally you throw it out of the window,shout sorry, and think of a name.

Honestly, i dont have a clue how i cameup with mine, other than just thinking about stuff for a while and writing stuff.

One idea i did come up with was typing a random selection of letters and then tailoring it to an interesting idea, but it is still basically thinking up a name.

For example:

From this i think Lias, and Fijk (something norweigan maybe?), and then alter it to be Lianafijik.

You can see why i didnt actually use this method
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Default Re: Naming My Regiment

How about Cordyline? It was the first name of the Spam Friend I just made. Click the link and create names till you get something you like.


Other names: Lagostomus, Bornea, Cerastium, and Platyrrhinia. All sound sort of like a name for a planet.
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