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New to IG, Need Help Making Fluff
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Default New to IG, Need Help Making Fluff

Hey, I just started IG last Sunday and I decided now would be a good time to start writing some fluff. However, I have no idea how to get started! Any help with what sorts of things I should be writing about and in what order I should be writing them in would help a lot, thanks!
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Default Re: New to IG, Need Help Making Fluff

For a start, don't have fluff on one guy killing thousands of Orks or hundreds of Chaos Space Marines single-handedly. Imperial Guard is more realistic, full of simple humans. A marine can get shot by a Heavy Bolter and live. A guardsman can't. Make sure it is interesting, but also realistic.

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Default Re: New to IG, Need Help Making Fluff

Start with a homeworld description, if no homeworld then explain where theyrecruit from.

then do details about the regiment specialtys and things they are known for.

Then write about leaders and characters

then write about actions they have participated in and any conflicts within the army


1) Ultstadt Sol, home of the Ultstadt Solvek 7th Riders

2)Armored companys and mechanized regiments due to industrialization,
Ogryns due to the constant fighting amidst the regiment
Independent Commissars due to the lack of discipline
Carapace armor due to the value which each nation places on thier troops
Stormtroopers due to the basic survival skills needed to survive the regiment

3) General Crestov
Sargent Chellmohev
Private "Muse"
Private "lightning" Casse

4)They are relativly new to the imperium but have experienced 13 world wars between the three main nations of Ultstadt Sol, Lebin, Monpack, and Stavnar. These nations are mixed in a hodgepodge in the platoons. This unfortunate occurence has created fighting and in field kills of freindly units. This has brought about the use of many commissars in the regiment though even the death penalty has little effect upon the disipline of the regiment.

there ya go

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