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51st Kastaforean Guard [FLUFF]
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Default 51st Kastaforean Guard [FLUFF]


This is just some Ultra basic fluff on my regiment, the 51st Kastaforean Guard, read, enjoy and reply!

++Security Level Omega++
++Access Granted++
++Greetings Lord++

“Aye, when I first set my eyes on them lot I knew they would be dead, they looked like a bunch of lazy, fear loving babies who would run at the site of a Grot. Well they proved me wrong in the end, they killed thrice more than our regiment put together, and damn, did they do a bloody great job.”
General Sturvik – 34th Cadian, after the Gorian VII massacres

The fighting forces of Kastafor are just as similar to that of any other regiment, they fight, defend, and die just as any other Imperial Guard Force. One particular Regiment the 51st Kastaforean have earned their name in the great archives, committing themselves to an impossible task in order to redeem themselves of their terrible reputation as lazy, cowardly and ill trained soldiers.

The 51st Kastaforean Guard under the command of Colonel Nikolai Riiken were the last regiment created after the Ork Waaagh! Which almost saw the annihilation of the Kastaforean people, were it not for the actions of Commissar Ciaphas Cain and his Valhallans. The regiment has seen very little action, the occasional heretical uprising, or band of Ork survivors from the Waaagh! Many tasks any other Imperial Guard Regiment would consider as little work with little reward. As such the Regiment became restless, fights would break out frequently and squadrons would form into gangs and begin fighting amongst each other. Colonel Riiken was a capable Officer, he had potential, he had the ability to be a great Leader, but the Colonel was too laid back for his own good, his attitude reflecting onto his Regiment greatly.

The Regiment broke down, the fights were becoming ever more frequent and more violent, the lack of war, and enemies other than small Ork war bands and Heretic Cults was also causing the men of the 51st to lose their skills, concentrating more on fighting against his fellow soldier, rather than shoulder to shoulder against the enemies of Man. The situation had gone beyond redeemable, injuries from Gang fighting became ever close to life threatening, the Officers un-able to control their men began losing hope, and faith. But then it had gone too far, during a routine lunch hour, a fight broke out, in a attempt to break up the fight a Lieutenant Karr stepped in, only to be shot four times with a Laspistol, killing the Lieutenant. Such action had now caught the attention of the Commissariat, and within days a Commissar had been assigned to the Regiment.

“I was shocked, utterly shocked. By the Emperor I could have ordered the immediate execution of all of those lame excuses of Soldiers, yet something kept me from doing that, a distant, possible hope that these fools could actually fight as a team, shoulder to shoulder, not smashing each others brains out like a mob Green Skins.”
Commissar Jeremiah Volker – Assigned to the 51st Kastaforean Guard

This was a serious wake up call for the 51st, Commissar Volker whipped the Regiment up into shape, trained and taught by Commissar Cain, Commissar Volker used the men’s rivalry to his advantage, rewarding those Squadrons that completed tasks to their best, and as a team. Eventually the 51st Kastaforean Guard had been restored back to normal, the fights and deadly rivalry stopping, and Colonel Riiken given a kick up the backside, the 51st were once again a fighting Regiment.

“Ha, Ha, Ha, yes I remember, the most disgraceful rabble of Guardsmen I had seen, they were known as cowards, fools you name it they were it. Aye, but the rumours were very wrong, heck! They put the other regiments too shame, they fought like true Heroes, they would’ve even made some of my Blood Claws look like amateurs, truly the most courageous Guardsmen I have ever seen.”
Wolf Lord Terak Doom Axe – Addressing the Operium Crusade Command

But the Commissar had given them an assignment, one, which would either make them heroes, or dead men. It was in the Operium system, reports claimed that a Necron tomb had been discovered, and that a C’tan had been sighted on numerous occasions, that was all the intelligence they had. It was believed that the entire system had been ridden of life, a great company of Space Wolves and a Black Templar Crusade had been launched to reclaim the system, and the presence and assistance of the Imperial Guard was required. Along with other regiments, the 51st would be the first to the fight, standing shoulder to shoulder with Astartes.

“Oh yes, I agree, indeed I to believed that the Emperor had cursed us with men who cared more of killing each other than the enemies of the Emperor, but as others have said, these rumours were completely mistaken. Yes, they held Deslach canyon for over 72 hours, with little supplies, and fighting to the last man they held off the Necron advance, saving thousands of civilians, and standing up to a foe that even we, as Astartes would find difficult to match.”
Marshall Utrecht - Addressing the Operium Crusade Command

More is to come……
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Default Re: 51st Kastaforean Guard [FLUFF]

Sounds good, I like the way you add the quotes from the characters. Can't wait for the rest.
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