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Next Army: More Guard!
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Default Next Army: More Guard!

As a few of you may know, I'm starting Fantasy Empire, and have an armored company already(which isn't close to finished). When I finish with my Empire army, I plan on finishing my armored company first, then I think I may start yet another Guard army. This will be a slightly different army, as it will be led by an "Inquisitor" (HSO really).
Another odd thing, i'll be incorporating all of the Guard models into the army, and here are thre "Jobs" that I came up with:
Cadian: Storm Troops*
Elysian: Drop Troops*
Death Korps: Veterans
Steel Legion: Armored
Catachan: Light Infantry
Vostroyan: Command
Valhallan: Winter
Mordian: Parade Uniform
Kasrkin: Elite Storm Troops
Tallarn: Desert Troops

Special Weapon Squads
Drop Troops
Hardened Fighters

*(Note: Cadians are basic Drop Troops, Elysian are "elite" Drop Troops)
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Default Re: Next Army: More Guard!

Sounds Cool.
I hope you have the money for all of those FW models and metal models.
But because it is led by an inquisitor, you should have each regiment's minis be painted different colors. It would look kind of weird to start with, but once you got a closer look, you could make it work.
Oh, and as aside, hardened fighters doesn't do much. WS 3 against WS 4 is still a 4 to hit. Sure the enemy doesn't hit you as much, but guardsmen lives are cheap, and, for 4 squads with HF, you get an extra squad.
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