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Doctrines and Ideas for Renegade IG
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Default Doctrines and Ideas for Renegade IG

hey all,

I've just finished reading over some of the Articles in Tactica Imperium, and am getting ready to flesh out my LatD guardsmen into a Full IG list. To reflect the Flavor of the list I was thinking of using:
-Veterans- As Traitors, they wont have access to Imperial Storm Troopers and the like, so these would form my "Elite Trooper" aspect.
-Light Infantry- I like that my Traitor troops can infiltrate in the LatD, and can use Sniper Rifles. This selection is mostly to help them keep their Flavor.
-Iron Dicipline- Represents how much the rank and file fear officers who will literally eat them alive for failure. (Did I mention that my traitors are ghouls? > )
-Sanctioned Psykers- Since my army has begun to side with Chaos, I feel that a few psykers are flavorful.
-Sharp Shooters- Intended to bolster the accuracy of the Heavy Weapons Squads in my command platoon.

I have at my disposal (Model-Wise):
3 Officer Models (2 Storm Bolter Officers, 1 Power-Weapon Officer)
2 Commissar Models (1 Plasma Pistol, 1 Powerfist)
5 Vox-Caster Infantry
30 lasgun Infantry
10 Shotgun Infantry (Which could be autoguns/lasguns in a pinch)
10 Laspistol/Chainsword Infantry (Could be used as Sargeants)
Special Weapons Infantry: 2 Flamers, 2 Sniper Rifles, 3 Grenade Launchers, 2 Heavy Stubbers (Unusable in normal IG?), 3 Meltaguns, 1 Plasmagun.
Heavy Weapons: 6 50mm bases w 2 guardsmen, and 6 of each heavy weapon to snap in place.
1 Chimera Chassis that can be turret-swapped to make a Hellhound.
2 Leman Russ Battle Tanks
2 Basalisk Artillery Pieces.

Havent formulated everything excactly, but I was thinking of using a couple of infantry platoons backed by all of the tanks at my disposal, with infiltrating veterans loaded up with special weapons for close support, and a couple of sharpshooter lascannon Teams for anti-tank. I definitely want to add another Hellhound. The final result should be between 1500 - 2000p after adding a few more peices.,

[img width=650 height=487]http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b6/GedofParagon/WitchHunters/S5000001-1.jpg[/img]
Kytonus' Retinue

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