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rough riders
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Kroot Shaper
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Default rough riders

What are the negative positive attributes of them. I have a hellghast theme army and was thinking of making some jetbike looking roughriders. But im not sure if i should have them in my army
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Default Re: rough riders

well before malveaux posts:


There fast - but not quite as fast as you want them to be: your guard, your not assaulting and therefore not really looking for first turn assault

Kinda cheap - remember that the vet can take a power weapon for 5 points, and melta bombs

can have decent strength and Initiative charges with power weapons
relatively cheap - it may be worth considering to take a small unit and a large upgraded one- one to pin and hold, and the other to charge. And maybe to link up with infiltrating storm troopers or as part of a large counter attack with a hellhound or two.

can only use the lance once per game - a real downer as it kind makes the squad suck after the first charge, but then again, they may not survive the first charge. Id use them to take on the big nasty squads such as terminators or khorne bezerkers

They die as quickly as guardsmen unless you take the carapce doctrine. they may be weak but if you hang them behind terrain and fleet of hoof your way towards the target when they get near you should do fine. also, consider keeping them behind your lines to counter attack effectively, the speed will help you cover the gaps so you don't have to worry about position as much.
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Default Re: rough riders

another posistive is that if they don't shoot they can move again

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Default Re: rough riders

Originally Posted by MatB2
What are the negative positive attributes of them. I have a hellghast theme army and was thinking of making some jetbike looking roughriders. But im not sure if i should have them in my army
They're a perfect counter-assault unit. They are nothing but advantage. Their only distadvantage is that they're going to likely die, and that they are not fielded turn one in Omega level missions. But this is counter-balanced by really low price and their extremely good ability to crush things in assault in a single charge. They are very much a `one time' unit, but all you need is one time and they will turn tides very quickly.

More information: Link.

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Default Re: rough riders

i find the main advantage is that they are seriously underestimated. Everyone knows that when guard charge, for example, terminators they need a lot of attacks to cause any damage at all (36 attacks on average i think). This means that the tiny unit advancing up the flank, its a waste of shots to fire at them, and they often get cover saves anyway if they play it right. Then they wipe out a unit of terminators and blow up a land raider, beat an avatar in combat, kill baharroth, do all these things, and still theyre underestimated. (It kinda helps that i give the sergeant the honorifica, and more importantly in my case, a refractor field, heeheehee)
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