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Optimal Guardsmen Squad Sizes?
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Default Optimal Guardsmen Squad Sizes?

How many Guardsmen to a squad do you think? Dont include the 2 for heavy weapons teams, if you do say that you are. Thank you!
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Default Re: Optimal Guardsmen Squad Sizes?

i dont think you have an option with regular infantry... its 10 men to a infantry squad, or 6 to a special/heavy weapon squad, and 5 to a command squad. thats just the way it is.

veterans are the only variable sized infantry squads, and that just depends on taste. if you are going to turn your vets into an assault unit you will want 10 so you have maximum meat to take the hits for sarge and his powerfist (or powersword). if you are going for a fire support squad, i would say 6: 2 for the heavy weapon, 3 special weapons, and sarge... therefore no expensive veterans with wimpy lasguns are being paid for... of course there is the meatshield factor, so even for a fire support veteran squad, 10 may be better if you have the points to spare - but you are really just buying overpriced meat.
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Default Re: Optimal Guardsmen Squad Sizes?

I think you mean platoons.

It depends on ALOT of thing... some include

-Wether you want to deploy alot of troops at a time or some troops at a time
-How big your game is
-How many points you need to fill
-What other units you plan on bringing to the table
-What the platoons role will be (Anti-tank anti-personell etc)

I suggest for a rounded list 3 squad and the commander for each platoon.

I'd give you more but i gotta go.

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Default Re: Optimal Guardsmen Squad Sizes?

Well, the only time you have an option is with Storm Troopers, Veterans, Ogryns, and them... normal squad sizes are all fixed.
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Default Re: Optimal Guardsmen Squad Sizes?

If you have two full squads in your platoon, you can also get a remnant squad. This is usually a cheap way to get an extra special weapon. In this case, the usual configuration I use is min size + plasma or min size + melta if deepstriking.
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Default Re: Optimal Guardsmen Squad Sizes?

if we are actually talking about platoon sizes and not squad sizes, then sorry for the mistake, but theres some different angles on that too; heres my thought on platoon size: it really comes down to if you like command Junior Officer squads or not.

Ideally, if you want more numbers of lasgunners you will want your command squads minimized - favor more squads per platoon and less platoons. (usually I use 1 inf platoon with lots of squads and 1 armor fist to fill troop slot requirements, then depending on how big the game is add in the 3rd 4th 5th squads to the single JO squad). that way you wont be shelling out XX points for 5 brave guardsmen with those JO squads where yoiu could pay almost the same points for 10 brave Guardsmen. If you do the numbers game, this is the most efficient way of concocting an army.

But math is no fun, so there's an opposite approach:

Maximize your command squads. Take as many platoons as you can fit into the size of the game, each with the minimum 2 infantry squads attached. Equip your commanding Junior Officers and their retinue of potentially veteran buddies into very specific battlefield roles like flamer squad, anti-tank squad, assault squad, or as an extra leader with an honorifica for a vox network.

The drawback: Obviously less troops. Another potential problem that I think gets overlooked is the rules for assigning advisers. You cannot field a psyker or a priest or a commissar with your useful troops like veterans and strormtroopers until you have assigned one to every JO. This can be frustrating if you like powered up veteran assault squads and such. Force requirements and restrictions are so annoying.
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