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A look at Armoured Company
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Default A look at Armoured Company

This is my take on AC. I have a nice Elysian army

But now I want to try my hand with AC. I've proxied a list
up with the tanks I have and I've come to some conclusions.

When designing the army I made my choices based on a few presumptions
and assumptions . I've based these assumptions solely on my experiences playing with and against IG. I've decided to enter the dark side of gaming.


LRBTs (troops) Primary Targets:

- Assault Troops
- Transports that are not Empty, Hull-Down,
or Smoked
- Anti-Tank Infantry Units
- Large groupings of valuable enemy troops
- Transports that are Hull-Down or Smoked
- First squad ( anti-personel with HBs) can down squads of light
vehicles (Speeders, Jet Bikes, etc.)
- Second squad ( anti -tank) can go after tanks on the move w/ its LCs
- I'll deploy them w/ LoS, HQ and Elite behind and at an angle to the troops in two groups of three.

Now when you can add lascannons rather than HBS to your tanks
- primary targets are tanks
- secondary target are MCS
- tertiary targets are Meqs

LR Demolishers (heavy):

- All enemy vehicles within 24" ...
- 2 AP2 blast markers and a lascannon cfan take out troops
or a tank beyond 24"
- Terminators (invulnerable save), troops in cover and
T6+ multi-wound creatures require sustained firing.
- use them to guard the flanks as their side armpour is better.

LR Vanquishers
This is one nice tank that needs to be used in your elite spot to increase its BS
and efficiency. This tank alw3ays joins your anti -tank LRBTs but like the LRBTS can also take on troops with its HBs.

LR Exterminator
Is there a better anti-personel tank out there? This tank is all about dakka. When joined up with your LRBT anti-personel troop tanks we have a pretty fierce squad of destruction w/ autocannon and hbs and the battle cannons.

Now I'm worried the most about termies and drop podding meltas ... Are my tactics sound?


I see the LRBT troops and their lead tanks moving into
range and picking the targets that need to be dealt with.
The Demolishers can be used to deny quadrants to the
enemy forcing them to deal with your troop tanks.
I'll also use them to guard the flanks as their side
armour is better. I see the need to deploy carefully.
Its easy to block LoS or clog up your movement lanes
with destroyed tanks if you are not careful. As sturdy as
these tanks are they can be taken out by drop podding
marines and flank attacks. I've been toying with loading up
on one half of the table ( a modified refused flank ) and
guarding my sides with demolishers using a few triangles
( three tank squads ) between the demolishers. This
allows me to mow down key units and squads one by one.

What I'm not using in my list:

Smoke - I will not give up a round of shooting to pop smoke. I'll rely on
xtra armour and the fact that I have sponsons so that I'm likely to able to fire each round with every tank.

Armoured Fist squads and Storm Troopers ...
Why? These units in a full AC list will be free
VPs for your opponent. They just do not provide
enough of a distraction to justify their points.
Those enemy units that are poor against Russes now
have a target. I don't want to provide them one. Let your opponent
stew over his ineffective squads.

A Griffon ...
Just doesn't cut it against power-armoured troops.
Its price is nice but its strictly a point filler
in a list with much better options. You could of
course, hide it and try to pin a few squads but
my other tanks do it better.

A Basilisk ...
This was tough. I like the indirect fire on the
Basilisk. It actaully scares the Klkn out of many
people and it is better than Russes at taking out
other vehicles with the same attribute ( ind. firing
Basilisks, Whirlwinds, Griffons, etc.). However
these tanks are not that effective against Russes
so they are not my primary targets. In the end its
a pass.

- Armoured Company - 1500 pts


(Command Tank)
Leman Russ Exterminator, Hull mounted Heavy Bolter,
Sponson Mounted Heavy Bolters and Improved Comms.
xtra armour
@240pts anti infantry


(Tank Ace)
Leman Russ Vanquisher, Hull Mounted Lascannon,
Sponson Mounted Heavy Bolters
xtra armour
@270pts general purpose


Leman Russ Battle Tank, Hull mounted Heavy Bolter,
Sponson Mounted Heavy Bolters

Leman Russ Battle Tank, Hull mounted Heavy Bolter,
Sponson Mounted Heavy Bolters
both with command tank

Leman Russ Battle Tank, Hull mounted LasCannons,
Sponson Mounted Heavy Bolters

Leman Russ Battle Tank, Hull mounted LasCannons,
Sponson Mounted Heavy Bolters
both with tank ace


2x LR Demolisher, LC and Plasma Cannon, xtra armour

total - 1500

Thisa seems a well-balanced 1500 point list. I've used very few
upgrades as I want to squeeze as many tanks as possible into
the list. I've divided up the list into anti-personel and antio-tank
although a few of the tanks can serve dual purposes. Its important
to specialize some of the tanks top serve one purpose well.

Don't let people cry cheese! AC can be beat by a good opponent.
I've only played a few games and have alreaqdy learned that there are
more than a few armies prepared to take on tanks. You need to use cover
and be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of moving and shooting.
There are good pie plates in the army but many armies sport tank killing
weapons of destruction and they usually cover these units well.
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Default Re: A look at Armoured Company

The forgeworld lists is worlds better. Here look do this. Griffins are problay the most valuable tank in an army. I garuntee you will take out the enemies most expenive unit if you get first turn. Inferno shells my friend. Combine it with slick loaders. If you hit them (dont even have to cause a wound and even if their fearless and all that junk) they take a mandatory fallback move. Slick laoders...thats 2 mandatory fall back move right off the table edge. Its sickingly wonderful. To stop deep strikers...its easy as pie. You take an allied inquisitor with the emperors tarot (+1 to that first turn for the griffon) and about 2 sages. The sages allow you to get a free turn of shooting on those deepstrikers...can anyone say demolisher cannon?

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