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Best Heavy weapon
View Poll Results: Which heavy weapon is the best all rounder in city fights?
Heavy bolter 12 25.53%
Lascannon 5 10.64%
Autocannon 21 44.68%
Mortar 9 19.15%
Voters: 47. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 30 Oct 2006, 19:55   #1 (permalink)
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Default Best Heavy weapon

I've just bought a heavy weapons team and i was wondering which of these weapons would be the best all rounder and points wise in a city fight?

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Default Re: Best Heavy weapon

It's not on the list but I think the good ol' missile launcher is the best. It's versitle can take out troops, tanks, power armor, it's cheap, has great range...that said, HB is a close second, also cheap, and provides good covering fire against infantry.
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Default Re: Best Heavy weapon

Well, id say the missile launcher as well.

But since it isn't on the list ill have to say the mortar, just for teh fact you can plonk shots where your opponent doesn't want them to be
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Old 31 Oct 2006, 02:11   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Best Heavy weapon

I use Auto cannon's or heavy bolters, mainly because guard miss half the time and my usual opponent does not field many tanks

I would go for three heavy bolters or auto cannons

Also, you can make missle launcher teams if you have some extra Cadian bodies laying around
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Old 31 Oct 2006, 02:55   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Best Heavy weapon

Heresy! Probably the best heavy weapon available to the Imperium, not just the Guard, is the Missile Launcher - it can do everything.

Of the list, I'd have to go with the Autocannon. It can reliably land a hit per turn, and it can do alot of damage. Side/rear armour shots made possible by urban terrain, stopping medium infantry in their tracks, laying down some serious suppressing fire.
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Default Re: Best Heavy weapon

Mortar for the win!
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Old 31 Oct 2006, 03:06   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Best Heavy weapon

Autocannon--by far the most all around useful heavy weapon the IG have availible. 2nd would be the missile launcher, IMHO.
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Default Re: Best Heavy weapon

Heavy Bolter for swarms, Autocannons for tough infantry and skimmers, Mortar for nothing, Missle Launcher for whatever, Lascannon for heavy tanks.
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Default Re: Best Heavy weapon

I like all of the Heavy Weapons, but my personal favorite is the Heavy Bolter, why?

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Default Re: Best Heavy weapon

It is a question of giving the different weapon-teams roles.
In cityfight, there is the problem with range.
A meltagun can do better than a lascannon in a cityfight, as an example. Give the lascannon to the russes and sentinels.
The heavy-bolter I find the best in cityfight. It has a good range, strenght and ap, to take on most infantry.
If there are enemy tanks, well, I have enough meltas to take them on. Tanks need LOS too.
Mortars are great in cityfight. A continuous hail of fire without worrying about that pesky LOS. Only problem is that the shells are rather weak.
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